Sunday 24 July 2011

Wordless Sunday: Liquid

My turn to host Delightful Dee at Books & Bits & PiecesWordless Sunday!

Today's topic: Liquid

I had many ideas when I first decided on the topic (based simply on the general course of our weekends).  Though today's photo was not one that I had initially thought of...  It reflects not only today but the whole week and was the difference between a tearful/happy day.

With that I wish you all a happy Sunday and week ahead... filled with happy, cold and sickness-free children who don't struggle to eat.  : )

Looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures!
Sleep tight


  1. Sorry to hear things haven't been a box of birds around your place - I can imagine three little sick girls must be AWFUL!

    Clever take on liquid - great minds think alike!!!

  2. You're kidding, are the kids still sick? Phew. Really hoping it all clears up for you soon. x

  3. Hope you're all better soon. I remember the bottle days!

  4. A fantastic idea for a theme - one I'd love to revisit again and again. So sorry to hear it's been a tough week and your photograph is very poignant.

    Really hope everyone is feeling better soon x

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