Thursday 28 February 2013

Loving - Making friends

Loving all the awesome bloggy people I've been lucky enough to meet and spend a little bit of time with...

Most recently at Bloggy dinners - with Katie from Mummy Adventures

and at crafty evenings at Cat's with Sammy from The Simple Life and Sarah from I Bequeth Love ...

And super excited about April and meeting even more at Blogger's Connecting in Christchurch!!  Are you going??

Bloggers Connecting

Have a fab weekend!
L xx

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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Show & Tell - Oldschool

Hi and welcome back!

Show & Tell Thursday's

It's a bit of a birthday week on the blog and today the trend continues...

Being a crafty creative birthday I wanted to do something a little different for the invitations.  Cue a lot of brain-wracking...  and then finally settling on a fortune teller/cootie catcher.

A few hours spent on the computer rendered the layout complete.  Printing and folding came next.

Next, a little girl and her friends who thought this was pretty nifty : )

Oldschool and fun!

This is the last day for entry into the February giveway.  Gorgeous Grace Taylor paper pack and pockets - ideal for everything from scrap-booking to dolls-house makeovers!  Everyone who has linked up during February is in the draw.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all been making!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's

Monday 25 February 2013

Cake Popping

For Anya's 5th Birthday I thought I would try to make some cake pops... I'm sure you have seen them all over the interwebs...  After some researching and investigation I discovered I was far too time-poor to do this the "proper" way... so I went for the shortcut...

I found these pans on TradeMe for $1 reserve ..

Next minute it arrived on my doorstep and we were makin, bakin and decoratin...

I made some of the suggested amendments to the box of vanilla cake mix I decided to use for this exercise.  Then split the mix and added the rainbow.

We popped the top tray on and into the oven they went.  I am sure though I didn't bake them for the suggested 20 minutes but more like 12...

Out they came - little volcanoes flowing over.  Yummy crispy bits that popped off and were sampled : )

They cooled down pretty quickly.  So that evening after testing a few we decided they were rather tasty and set about decorating them.  And this is the part where I forgot to take any photo's.

I opted for white chocolate so it would show off the coloured sprinkles better.  Dip the stick in the melted chocolate, stick it in the pop and then dip the pop in the melted chocolate.  It got a bit tricky twirling and swirling to get it to cover the surface properly... luckily there were lots so by the end I was getting the hang of it : )   Sprinkles on and then stuck into a wrapped styrofoam square to stay up.

They tasted good, looked cute and were gobbled up.  I am pretty sure we'll be making many more in future!
L xx

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Sunday 24 February 2013

A Crafty Colourful Celebration

My big girl turned 5 in January (sob sniff....), so for the first time we decided to throw her a big birthday party to celebrate.  She wanted rainbows and drawing and painting and creating, friends and fun, and cake and lollies.  This is how it went down...

She was in heaven an loved every minute.  ♥ Success 
L xx

More about the party here:
Cake Pops
Favours-Blackboard Clipboards

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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Show and Tell - Hoopla

Hi Everyone!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Time is zippytydoodaing by and I cant believe we're back at Thursday already!

Leading up to Christmas I got my hoop on and created these little guys.  All inspired by various Pinterest Pins.

These two were for Miriam as part of the Advent Swap.
Photo from Miriam's blog.  Inspiration pinned from this website.
Idea from this website.

And then this one for Cat for Christmas.  It has batting on the back and is hand-quilted in alternate blocks to give it definition, depth and texture.
Photo from Cat.  Inspired by this Pin (for which I cant find a website...)

I struggled with the backs and tried different things for them all.  I finally felt comfortable with this method for finishing hoop backs.

Have you attempted Hoop Art?  Any tips or tricks to share?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

February's giveaway prize is this Paper pack.  Everyone who links up during the month is in to win!

Thanks for stopping by and I'm looking forward to seeing what goodness you've been creating!
L x

Show & Tell Thursday's

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Swishing Show & Tell

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Hands up if you love tutu's! (or pettiskirts!)  I love them, and love them for my girls and seriously who doesn't feel like a girl when wearing one?

Miriam is one of those girly girls and for her last Advent Swap gift I wanted to make her a clothing item of sorts... a tutu/pettiskirt.  Enter another first/winging it experience...
Photo's from Miriam's Blog

I used myself as a model as I think we are pretty similar in size.  Three layers of tulle - each layer 3 x the width of my waist measurement.  The tops were gathered by adjusting the stitch length to its longest setting and tension to almost tightest.  Attach to waistband, and wind elastic through.  I didn't sew the ends together or close the gap to allow Miriam the possibility of adjusting it as/if she needed to.

And little blue silk roses all over the outside layers.  This was such a fun project and I loved that it turned out more or less as I had imagined it.  Yay!

February's giveaway is this Grace Taylor Paper Pack and Journal Tags - link up to be in to win!

What have you been working on?  Perhaps some valentines makings?  Looking forward to being inspired : )
Thanks for stopping in!
L x

Show & Tell Thursday's