Thursday 28 May 2015

On the Road: Liverpool - Beatles & Bits

We set of bright and early on Monday morning and traveled through the Queensway Mersey Tunnel one last time.  First stop:  The Beatles Museum.  We had a lovely time and the girls rocked out to the music that accompanied the displays and stories.

After this we went to the Maritime Museum next door. Some absolutely fascinating displays and huge model boats that were exquisite in their detail. The Slavery Museum is right above it and we popped in for a quick visit there too.

Then it was off to Bold Street for an absolutely delicious lunch. A short stroll up the road saw us at St Luke's Church. During WWII, Liverpool was the second most bombed city in Britain because of it's ports. St Luke's was hit and completely burned/bombed out and destroyed in the resulting fire. What's left behind has a bitter-sweetness about it. You can even see remaining bits of the stained glass still in small corners of the windows.

Next we headed to Mathew Street, another historic Beatles area, where they regularly performed at the Cavern Club when they first started out. Before we knew it, it was time to head home.

We had such a great time over these few days - just one weekend! We loved it, the girls loved it...which only made us love it more.  Family adventuring - dreams coming true : )

L xx

Tuesday 26 May 2015


L: You are obsessed with "slugs" even if they are technically snails. You collect them and gather then, build wee "houses" for them, bring them leaves for food... It is adorable to watch you with your "live" collection. You start bopping when you hear music - and in time! You were mesmerised by the ballet dancers who performed before A's show, you little face was precious.

A: As one of the "Queens Cards" in the school play of Alice in Wonderland. You were wonderful and delivered your lines loud and clear. You were on to everything, encouraging all the other kids at the right times and places. I had tears streaming from start till finish. It was wonderful and I was absolutely bursting with joy and delight at you my precious girl.

H: You were thrilled to bits to finally go on the Eye! So awesome :) And you are bursting at the seams that you have gotten a place in the football coaching sessions. We are off to go and get you shin pads and trainers - and you cannot wait! And we cant wait to see you in action :)

L xx

Monday 25 May 2015

On the Road: Liverpool - Bus Tour

After lunch we hopped onto an open top tour bus. It was a gorgeous day and we found seats at the top. I cant remember what half of the buildings and sights are that we passed but among them were the former White Star Line HQ building (the company who built the Titanic) The Three Graces, St George's Hall, The World Museum, Albert Dock, The Metropolitan Cathedral, the Anglican Cathedral, Philharmonic Dining Rooms, St Nicholas Church, the Ceremonial Arch at Chinatown (made in and the largest outside China).

After the tour we headed to Anfield to see D's childhood favourite football team's homeground.

On the way back we drove through Port Sunlight - gorgeous little village in the suburbs and not unlike Bournville in conception.

A big sleep and we were ready for our last day.
L xx

Thursday 21 May 2015

On the Road: Liverpool - Ferry & U534

After Llandudno and Conwy Castle we set off for Liverpool for the next couple of nights. Sunday morning started with a big sleep in and a big breakfast. The place we stayed at offered a complimentary buffet breakfast and the girls went bananas. They packed away so much food and relished choosing treats like coco-pops, bacon, sausages and patries for breakfast!

We decided to take a trip on the Mersey Ferry first. The morning was clearing up and we had a lovely time on the boat, listening to the history commentary and seeing some of the iconic buildings along the waterfront. The ferry stops at a couple of points and we hopped off to see the U-Boat story. The U534 submarine sunk at the end of WWII. In 1993 it was raised up from the seabed and is now on display in four sections. The sections have glass windows that allow you to see the insides of the sub, along with many interactive displays. It has a fascinating history and we had a blast reading, exploring and playing.

Then it was back on the ferry and we hopped off again on the Liverpool side to go and find our lunch venue. We passed iconic buildings such as the Royal Liver Building with a clock-face that is still the largest one in the UK - bigger than Big Ben. The two huge 18foot birds perched on the top facing the water and city - not quite eagles but more like cormorants.  It is one of the "Three Graces" that are distinctive of the Liverpool Waterfront. The Port of Liverpool building is also one of them and simply beautiful.

After lunch we had a small walkabout and visited the Lego store -  a very dangerous place!  Luckily we had a bus to catch ;)

L xx