Tuesday 31 July 2012

Bee Blocks Round 3

Like many people I always seem to have more than one project on the go...  I am currently working on a Birthday Quilt, but before I started on it I decided to complete the bee blocks for Round 3 as they both need to be completed at the same time!

So here's what I sent the lovely ladies of Round 3... It's called "Missing your kiss" from the Modern Blocks book.

Kelli's Block

Treena's Block

Sharon's Block

Cat's Block

At this stage I'm not even thinking about Round 4.  I'm stalking our postie instead and working on the birthday quilt.  I'll be back at some point with a progress update on that one too!

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month!
L x

Monday 30 July 2012

Coffee.... Mmmmm....

I have a cup of Vanilla Latte sitting beside me and it smells heavenly... Mmmm....

I cant believe it's Tuesday! We've had such an adventure and activity filled weekend the last few days have been a complete blur... a happy blur :)

Be Happy

Friday:  Liezel discovering that saying please can get her just about anything :)
Saturday:  Watching the start of the Olympics with my girls... Their first Games and they are mesmerized by the gymnastics especially.
Sunday:  The excitement of going on an adventure with special friends - one that involved many changes of plans and fluffies and rain - and no one cared because we were together and it was fun!
Monday:  At the doctor for Liezel's immunisations, Heidi requesting from the doctor for herself and Bebe (her stuffed Zebra) to be examined too and telling him just what he needed to do - absolutely priceless, even to the doc : )

5 Fluffies Please

Now I'm off to have some more delicious coffee....
Have a happy week everyone!
L x

Friday 27 July 2012

Blue Skies

You should see the day we are having up here... it is beautifully stunning.  A truly spirit uplifting kind of day.  Gorgeous.

And the mail-men have brought me a lot of lovin today... like this: 
Won over on Juliet's blog from Deb's fab new shop.  Delicious....

Other Lovin this week:
Wednesday:  The smell of fresh baking filling the house... nom nom noms : )
Thursday:  Waking up to a snoring little angel face beside me - melting heart love...

And now I am going to do something I never do... make a cuppa and go and sit in this glorious sun for 5 minutes :)
Have a Happy weekend!
L x

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Tuesday 24 July 2012


Miserable dreadfully dreary weather days here lately...
But Loving this song - beautiful lyrics:

The mailman has also brought these blocks from round 2 of the Bee to our letterbox over the last couple of weeks:

From Nin

From Debra

From Lisa

Round 3 is in full swing too and have loved it!

Then finally, the happy diary:
Monday: Listening properly to the song above - the lyrics resonating with me.
Tuesday: Liezel actively playing with her sisters and initiating games like trying to get them to chase her.  Too cute :)

Happy Humpday Everyone!
L x

Sunday 22 July 2012


Firstly - you guys are so awesome.  Seriously.

Not one comment that felt like "pity" and not a single "just suck it up" either.  Just right, just perfect, each and every one making this squishy heart, warm and fuzzy.  Thank you All.

Secondly, no I haven't fallen off the wagon as soon as I got on it.  I have each day focussed on positive, happy and encouraging things - the things that warm my heart, make me laugh and make me Happy.

And so I can hold myself accountable:
Wednesday: Liezel is growing cuter and cuter daily and it entered my concious mind just how adorable she is (to me of course) and how quickly she is growing up, becoming independent and wrapping all of us around her little fingers.  We had a chuckle, giggle filled day with this little firecracker who is becoming larger than life.
Thursday: We headed out East to an old stomping ground and had a wonderful time on the beach collecting shells and playing hide and seek with waves seeking out little shoes that were itching to get wet :)
Friday: A lovely catchup with friends at a local cafe -  coffee, food and fizzy ice cream soda's :)
Saturday:  Visited a wonderful craft market with cupcakes and balloon creations and in the evening relaxed more than I have in a long time... :)
Sunday:  Wonderful cuddles from my sweet, gentle and caring big girl.

So here's to a great week and to a great bunch of people all over the world :)
Big hugs
L x

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Change Something.

Lately I have been struggling - far more than I would ever admit to anyone to be truthful.  This is not a sympathy seeking attempt - heaven knows I cant stand it.  This is about re-evaluating and needing to find a way to get back to the core joys, gratitude and inner-peace I desperately need.

When I started this blog, about 13 months ago now it was with the intention of creating a space that only focussed on the good stuff, however small they may be, in each day.  As time went on I gradually moved away from the daily check-in and concious focus on the little happy things.  

Pinned Image

Now I find myself feeling sad, low and tired.  I need to pick myself up and stop looking to the world and people around me for a feeling of belonging, friendship, or importance.  I give my heart and soul to those around me.  That wont ever change.  But I cant say it doesn't hurt when on a daily basis my fragile little heart and I are sent to the back of the queue and at the bottom of everyone else's priority lists.

Again - I am not trying to whine, moan and have an oh-woe-is-me session.  I just need to get a tiny bit of this out, take a step back and go - ok, this is what we're going to do about it girlfriend.  

So, I am going to go back to basics.  Find the simple joys in my daily life, children and husband.  EVERY. DAY.  Looking for and focussing on the happy stuff forces one to always be on the lookout, to consciously seek out what is good and leaves little time to sit in a corner and sulk.  What I think about, I begin to say. What I begin to say, I begin to do. What I begin to do, I become.

Onwards and upwards, to infinity and beyond!
Have a happy day :)
L x

The ghost

“The school is not quite deserted, said the Ghost. "A solitary child, neglected by his friends, is left there still." - Charles Dickens

That is all.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Birthday Girls

In the last couple of months we've had two birthday girls - yay for Birthdays!
Growing up our birthday cakes were always special and my mum made some amazing creations.  Having such special memories of those I have tried to create special cakes for my girls birthdays to date...

Heidi turned 3 a couple of weeks ago.  After taking a fondant cake decorating class I was able to create the cake she had requested :)  She loves Zebra's and her favourite colour is orange... and she was a happy little girl!  Two months of waking each morning, running to the calender and counting down sleeps to her birthday resulted in a wonderful day for a very excited little girl : )

Liezel had her first birthday at the end of April and at one she is a wiz with lego (duplo) ... so a lego cake it was... Didn't quite go to plan... the rounds for the tops disintegrated so a snap decision was made the night before to just use duplo instead.  Cant wait to see what "likes" she develops this year!

Dont you just love kids birthdays?!
Happy Humpday Everyone!
L x