Thursday 27 November 2014

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Show & Tell: To the Future

Hello Lovelies,

Show & Tell Thursday's

Christmas is 4 Thursday's away... I keep staring at that statement.  There is no way I'm going to make all the things, for all the people I had hoped to.  And I am ok with it.   I've made my peace. 'Tis the season for giving...and for Peace right? : )

Anyhoos, instead I am thinking about and very loosely planning the things I hope to make next year (I know, don't freak out!).  So, here's what's on the cards:

- A scrap vomit quilt for a friend.  I re-sorted my stash and lo and behold I have enough scraps to actually separate them by colour.  So this project is the one that is going to gobble them up.
scrap vomit mock up - bigger version

- An angelic wall hanging for another friend. It was supposed to be for Christmas but... I think it would be simple and delightful and just sweet especially in super colours and fabric (pattern from an old edition of Homespun magazine).

- Fox River Quilt - I have my eye on a few of the quilts in John Adams' book Beyond Neutral.  Next in line is this beauty.

- Also some crochet.  I really want to nail down the pattern for these Zebra slippers I made up for one of my girls last year.

So what about you crafty cookies?  What plans, schemes, hopes and dreams are in your creative future?
And dont forget to link up and away any goodies you'd like to share!
Thanks a bunch for stopping in.
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's

Tuesday 25 November 2014

45, 46, 47/52

A:  You are a reading machine - you finish them off at the rate of at least one book a day... your appetite for books is insatiable!  Lucky we had a fresh supply of 24 library books (you were so excited about that!) when you came down with a yucky bug.  Your non-stop jibber-jabber stopped for the weekend, but before long those energy levels were back up to normal.  Drawing, reading, biking, talking talking talking... your little brain barely ever stops.

H:  You are loving school and are basically part of big sister's class and still managing to be a friend to everyone in your class.  You are always being called and greeted from all manner of children and teachers.   And my heart swells when I see how kind and inclusive you are to children who are new or struggling.  What a gem you are.

L:  You know how to keep us on our toes!  When you're not yourself things are pretty intense but they are always overshadowed by the delight and joy you bring when the mischievous look re-appears in that little face.  You march entirely to your own beat in all regards - one of the funniest ways it is expressed is in how you dress yourself.  The outfits are hugely entertaining and recently you went through a week of dressing for the next day underneath your pajamas.  Come the morning you whipped off the pj's and tada!  You were ready to roll :)

L xx

Thursday 20 November 2014

all the right junk in all the right places

Another one for my girls... and for every other girl (or boy) out there ;)

Happy Friday
L xx

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Show & Tell: Ghosts of Christmasses Past

Hi again,

Show & Tell Thursday's

Ok so I don't have anything new to show...shock horror! Doesn't mean I haven't been making stuff! Though to be fair there's not an awful lot of making going on... I am quite sure that my days are going down a black hole of forgotten nothingness... or I'm loosing my mind... anyhoos... When I presented my wee conundrum to a friend she gave me a great suggestion - let's do a Ghosts of Christmasses Past post!

So gather round, gather round and please share some of your cracker Christmas makes from previous years (or this year!). Gifts, decorations, foodie items... let's pool our resources!

Some of my favourite goodies made were just from last year - baubles for Africa, mushrooms and teeny socks... but i think the apples took the cake.

Not sure why but they just made my day - making them and packaging up with a KitKat as teacher's gifts gave me a kick. I'll take them where I can ;)

So share your clever creations with us please? Link up new makes, old makes, Christmas makes, non-Christmas makes... Go on - sharing is caring!
Have a splendid day
L xx

Pattern for the mushrooms here, and patterns for the baubles and apples here.

Show & Tell Thursday's

Thursday 13 November 2014

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Show & Tell: Tis the Season

Only 6 more weeks...

Show & Tell Thursday's

It's coming! And you all know it!

I'd been tinkering with a pattern for Crochet Christmas trees for a little while. I wanted them to be simple to construct but with lots of options to embellish. After a couple of attempts these were the end result.

In my spare time (hahahaha) I am making lots and lots and lots of these ;)

I really enjoy the process of working out a pattern. Thinking and trying different ways of construction. Counting, recounting, more counting. Trying and trying again. And always learning through each attempt or "wrong" turn.

How about you? Will you re-invent the wheel if you cant find the right one?
Looking forward to hearing from you lovelies and seeing what you've been up to.
L xx

The pattern for these little trees is available in my Etsy shop.

Show & Tell Thursday's

Thursday 6 November 2014

and they'll come true, impossible not to do

This one takes me back! Just what I feel like for today!

Have a super weekend!
L xx

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Show & Tell: And Hottie Makes Three

Come in, come in!
Nice of you to drop by :)

Show & Tell Thursday's

A dear friend has been in a lot of pain of late... not that you would really know as she's a trooper and just keeps on swimming one way or another! This hottie cover was included in a care/love package collaboration sent down to cheer her up.

This is the 3rd one of this "variety" I've made and it was a joy. Such happy happy bright colours!

And I love finding little different ways of making them a little different from each other. This time the teeny leaves seemed exactly right for the colour scheme.

It's been used and loved and is fulfilling it's purpose - cant ask for more than that!

Do you like customising and tweaking things here or there? What have you been working on?
Looking forward to seeing your creations... perhaps one or two Christmas goodies will be up for show?
Have a happy day!
L xx

The patterns for the hottie cover and mushrooms are available from my Etsy shop. Or if you're super keen you can order your own custom version too xx

Show & Tell Thursday's

Monday 3 November 2014

Sparkle light with yellow icing

Missed my song on Friday... Here's a ditty for your Tuesday instead :)

Hope you're having a happy week.
L xx


H:    You are such a little model. Striking poses effortlessly - this was one of the very few photo's where you were not in complete model face mode. That innocent little smirky-smile creeping out. You love reading, but lately you've taken to making up the laungauge and words. we hear the strangest sounds when you go about your "made up language reading" session... hilarious to listen to!

A:      My big girl, your energy is never-ending. Intense in everything you do, with such commitment and conviction - even just in having conversations! You are a force all of your own. The last photo captures a touch of that energy... cracks me up :)

L:    My dandelion girl. You love yellow still and you love dandelions and buttercups. Lucky there are so many around! Last night you appeared with eyes the size of saucers from peering out the window instead of sleeping: "The fireworks are going boom-boom outside the window! It's noisy!" It's always handy to have a good excuse not to sleep and to come and see what Mum and Dad are up to ;)

L xx

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