Monday 31 December 2012

Start as you mean to go on

Happy New Year Everyone!

2012 was a tough year for many people on many levels - there is so much pain and sadness out there. We've been reflecting on this and it's hard to pass by the thought that it's not symptomatic of the times we live in. So much pressure, so much hurrying, so much expectation, so much guilt, sooooo busy....

This year lets change that.  Someone asked me last night what my goals/plans for 2013 are.  The answer came out almost without thinking:  Less Is More.

Live Simply
All Prints from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy

This year I am Slowing Down and Letting Go.
Let Go 8x10 Print

And I am starting TODAY.  Living with passion, focusing on joy, spending time with the ones I love.

LOVE - 5x7 Greeting Card

Hugging, kissing, laughing, smiling.  Being kind to others, being still, being happy.

Joy - 11x14

Trusting, hoping, believing.

Wild And Precious Life - 5x7 Greeting Card
Print by Katie Daisy

This is my wish for you:  May you and the ones you love experience magic and wonder this year, and find happiness in everything.
Big big hugs
L xx

Friday 28 December 2012

See you next year Albert!

We have enjoyed having Albert stay with us in the weeks leading up to Christmas day.


Christmas Eve Eve - packing his suitcase and getting ready to return to the North Pole.  

Leaving the girls with some Green Christmas milk.
His letter to the girls that they opened and read on Christmas Eve.
The night before... suitcase, stocking and Albert in the tree, ready and waiting for Santa.  Along with his letter and a gift for each of the girls.

As expected there was a bit of sadness over his departure...  Anya has grown especially attached to him but felt a little better and reassured after his promise to return next year in his letter.

Bye bye Albert!  Thanks for coming, we'll miss you!
L xx

Thursday 27 December 2012

Loving A Month of Adventing Joy

The Advent Swap finished this week. It has been such a lovely month of unwrapping gifts, emails and lots of warm fuzzies.

Day 18: Delicious Muffin and Cupcake Recipe book

Miriam was a fantastic swap partner and I feel lucky to have been paired with such a thoughtful person. Back when we were first assigned our partners, she sent me a whole list of extra questions.

Day 19:  Yummy Chocolate :)

I have been saying ever since, that even if there were no gifts I would have been happy as these extra questions showed so much thought, care and consideration for the person and process. She had already exceeded my expectations before we had even begun!

Day 20:  Gorgeous Handmade Flower Yo-Yo Cushion!  The girls: look Mummy! There's 5 flowers, just like us! Same same!  Proudly on display in our living room :)

We have emailed each other every day with thanks and stories of present opening and children.  It has been one of my favourite parts of the day.

Day 21:  A cup with a special message baked on :) But Miriam was concerned time took it's toll on it and sent up some additional goodies - way too kind!  Books for the girls, mallowpuffs, white chocolate, jaffas and spearmint leaves (ironically I was heading out that same day to purchase those very items!), an angel decoration and bookmark.  Such loveliness :)

This process has allowed me to get to know Miriam and her family a little more.  And although in different cities, and not having met her boys, the glimpses into their lives has made me feel like I know them.

Day 22:  A NZ wine, food and art book.  Immediately claimed by my husband who has since used one or two recipes in it!

Thank you Cat for hosting a great swap and pairing us together.

Day 23:  Handmade pouches, fabric, ribbons and thread!  Bliss!

Warm and fuzzies on a daily basis - to know someone thought of you with every item.

Day 24:  A book with a lovely message for us all.

True Christmas spirit experienced daily - special.

Day 25:  Gorgeous silk and pashima scarf, necklace and novel.  Loveliness :)

All the quotes have been put on a wall.  Encouraging and uplifting.  Perfect for me :)

It has been a wonderful month of joy in which we have felt loved.  Thank you Miriam for being such a kind thoughtful person and swap-partner.  We have loved every moment. : )
L xx

Linking up with Meghan over here for a lot of loving.

Show & Tell - Post Christmas

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for joining me again today!  I haven't totally forgotten about the linky... but I realise it's a bit late!

In October I made this little felt/fabric heart tree ornament for my swap buddy Miriam.

In December Cat, Lisa and I had a special Christmas crafting morning and exchanged handmade gifts for the occasion.  So two more were made!

The idea comes from the Falalala Felt book and they're really sweet and simple to make!

Looking forward to seeing what you've all been making!  Link up below, grab the button and lets be inspired!

Show & Tell Thursday's

See you next week as we start the new year!
L xx

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Show and Tell on a Thursday - a First!

Hi Lovelies,
Thank you for joining me today on our first official Show and Tell!  I'm so looking forward to having you all play along!

One of the things I've managed to do the last couple of weeks are these gift tags.  Super duper easy - card, punch, glue and optional ribbon... done!

I forgot to take photo's, but I used the white shape cutouts on coloured backgrounds as tags too.  Pretty much no waste - love it : )

So what have you been up to?  No doubt a few special Christmas gifts being made? Cant wait to see!
L x

Show & Tell Thursday's

PS: I hope everything is working as it should... if not please let me know!

Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Adventures of Albert the Elf

Our Albert Elf has settled in nicely and is becoming very familiar with his new home.  The girls adore him and love finding him each morning to report back on what he's been up to.

Reading Russell's Christmas Magic and a classic on standby.

The girls woke us up to tell us that Albert stole the tin our of the pantry and ate all the biscuits!!!!  They were torn between celebrating his feat and missing out on the goods!  It was priceless : ) 

Mail from Father Christmas at the North Pole arrived for Albert over the weekend... very special moment for all of us... Thanks Father Christmas... ; )

That night Albert took it upon himself to hang his stocking up on the tree : )

It's been fun coming up with ideas, researching more ideas and seeing what other elves are getting up to!  Mostly the girls' delight in his activities each day is the real treat : )

Linking up with the lovely Stella here.
L xx

Monday 17 December 2012

Come Show and Tell...

Hi Lovelies,
You may (or may not) remember I promised a brand new crafty/handmade linky for the new year.  And here it is!
Show & Tell Thursday's

Each Thursday come join in and show us what you've been creating so we can all be inspired by each others' crafty goodness!

There will also be a giveaway each month (wool, fabric, craft supplies) and anyone who has linked up at least once during the month will automatically be included in the draw.  Let me know what kind of things you'd be interested in and I will see what we can arrange : )

So grab the button and join us back here each Thursday!  If you're keen to start though the linky will be open from this week, with giveaways starting next year.

Show & Tell Thursday's

Cant wait to see what awesomeness is being created around the country!
L xx