Sunday 24 July 2011

Wordless Sunday: Liquid

My turn to host Delightful Dee at Books & Bits & PiecesWordless Sunday!

Today's topic: Liquid

I had many ideas when I first decided on the topic (based simply on the general course of our weekends).  Though today's photo was not one that I had initially thought of...  It reflects not only today but the whole week and was the difference between a tearful/happy day.

With that I wish you all a happy Sunday and week ahead... filled with happy, cold and sickness-free children who don't struggle to eat.  : )

Looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures!
Sleep tight


Finally the weekend arrived...

A week filled with lots of tears, frustrations, worries and sickness... And now that the new week beckons I will lock away those parts of it and remember the good stuff - which there was and I remember with a smile : )

Smile 1:  With no holiday programme at kindy for Anya and therefore nothing to bring home and show off everyday, we took to creating extra special pictures to show Daddy when he came home.  We had great fun making black spotted panda-bears, cotton-wool sheep, houses out of shapes, fish-tanks with sparkly air bubbles and cars with moving wheels!

Smile 2: And we've learned a new game to play together which the girls learned easily and quickly and we all enjoyed immensely!  We have a few more that we'll be learning in time to come that should be fun.

Smile 3: Potty training Heidi.  We've been delaying this although she's been ready for months due to Liezel's impending arrival initially and then her newborn presence... we figured we had enough to deal with.  She's more or less been going by herself on and off so we decided it was really time to get on with it.  So on Friday it was bye bye daytime nappy and hello big girl knickers!  So far so good and today she took herself to the toilet without needing to be reminded!  Yay for big little girls!

Friday's Highlight:
- A great start to Heidi's potty training!
- Learning and playing a new game with my big girls.

Saturday's Highlight:
- Anya's gorgeous butterfly face.

Today's Highlight:
- Liezel rolled over!

And we came very close to adopting a dog from the SPCA this weekend... We even had three dogs that we decided would be nice additions to our family... But the Hubby thinks we should wait a little while - apparently we have enough dependents!

Now I've got all this out - Wordless Sunday can Almost be Wordless!

Thursday 21 July 2011


Today I finally got round to making our first winter soup.  Each winter this becomes a staple but it has taken a while to get onto it this year!  It's a deliciously thick Kings Soup mix and bacon hock broth filled with lentils, barley, split peas, grated carrots, potatoes and onions, and chunks of bacon.  I always end up with a massive pot full that lasts for ages and fills the freezer.  Yummo.........

I need soup for my soul too.  Life is always harder when you and everyone around you are sick and tired... but knowing that still doesn't make it easier to deal with.  Tiny little things snowball and suddenly everything seems hopeless... have had a few such moments in the last few days.  But we'll get there - in the meantime I'm watching my children, enjoying them wholeheartedly and continuing to work on the soup.

Wednesday's Highlight:
- Watching my two big girls dancing and singing whilst watching their reflections in the window.  Hilarious : )

Today's Highlight:
- Another fun "homekindy" session that comprised little cutouts of fish "walking" on the table... because "fish don't swim mummy, they walk..."

Sleep tight

Tuesday 19 July 2011


Today's Highlight:
 - Liezel's little face lighting up every time she sees her sisters.

I have two younger brothers.  No sisters.  I often wonder about the relationships between my 3 girls and how they will be.  The only thing I can relate to is that of the eldest daughter... and that's about where it stops.  Not the eldest SISTER, middle sister, little sister or one of three sisters.  Looking forward to all the ups and many downs of this relationship arrangement!

Sleep tight

Monday 18 July 2011

Back in the saddle

After a few days hiatus I'm returning to my bloggy.

Down and out with sickness for a while now... as soon as we all thing we're almost at the end... Boom!  On comes the next round even worse than before... Argh!!! Am over it!! Bugs bugs go AWAY!

Am grateful for my lovely girls and how they survive these things though... they still burst with life and happiness but at a slightly slower and sensitive pace!

And I've missed a few days so catching up on Highlights:

- a wonderful birthday with many surprises, hubby home, dinner out and extra special presents.

- Liezel finding her voice and chatting at high volumes for all to hear and take note!

- A lovely surprise birthday lunch with close friends and family.

- Anya telling me that she was going to come to do the grocery shopping with me: "Anya's coming with Mummy to go shopping...And I'm going to have a fluffie and a man (gingerbread man)...And I'm going to be a very very good girl for Mummy..."  Irresistibly cute.

- Making glittery cotton wool sheep pictures with the girls.

Off to do some work now that's happily been neglected too!

Sleep tight

The warm sun, our model dog and phantom cat.

Sunday 17 July 2011

Wordless Sunday: Motion

Our days lately: filled with cooties, books and puzzles...

 Linking up with Becs' blog for Wordless Sunday...

Sleep tight

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Twenty something...

Today's Highlights:
- Nail painting with the girls - fun fun fun!
- Visit to the pediatrician was full of smiles from Liezel and a good report from the doc!

It's also that time of the year for me and today I was reminded I would soon no longer be twenty-something...  So in these final hours I shall reflect some of the numbers:

- 1st born
- 2 brothers
- 2 languages
- 11 dogs
- 1 cat
- 1 boyfriend
- 1 kindergarten
- 1 primary school
- 1 intermediate school
- 5 high schools
- 2 universities
- 4 towns/cities
- 2 countries
- 7 addresses in SA
- 12 years in NZ
- 9 addresses in NZ
- 5 overseas trips/holidays
- 1 home owned
- 4 cars
- 6 jobs
- 1 wedding
- 1 husband
- 3 daughters
- 2 nieces
- 2 nephews
- Many friends made
- Many friends & family lost
- Many tears and much sadness
- Countless smiles and laughter
- Countless happy memories...

...and many more to come!

The last decade has been the biggest blur... So much has happened, so much has changed, so many life lessons learned, so many defining moments that have shaped me and created the person I am today.

Onwards and upwards!

Sleep tight

Tuesday 12 July 2011


Today's Highlight:
- My two big girls had their extra MMR vaccinations this morning - without a grimace, groan or cry!

The nurses could not believe it!  I think having a lollipop unwrapped and ready to go in their little hands, just waiting for Mummy to give the all clear once the nurse finished, helped a lot!  Liezel did have a big sob though with her 12 week vacs at the same time, and unfortunately no lollipop for her yet!  Poor little poppet : (

We finished watching Precious tonight.  Absolutely awful story.  How simple we are as people: we just want to be loved and be happy.  Amazing how hard it can be to feel that sometimes.  It made me reflect upon how extremely lucky I/we are and just how much I/we have to be thankful for.  It makes me want to hug my little family and never let go.  And make sure I let them know just how much I love them and how happy they make me : )

Sleep tight

Monday 11 July 2011

Be wise...


I'm really a very understanding person but I do not understand why you would not get your child immunised...  Surely the benefits of immunising your children out-way the negatives?

One child at kindy has measles so now it's off to the doctors tomorrow so Anya can have her second dose of MMR vaccine which isn't due for another 6 months, but better to have it now that there's a risk...  Heidi at 2 is ok having had her last vaccinations at 15 months, but Liezel being only 3 months may be at risk and can only have the MMR vaccine as early as 12 months...

I got a little bit agitated as it seems somewhat irresponsible not to do it...and we've all only just recovered from colds and chest infections...  Most of the kids at kindy will be immunised but most of them have little and/or baby siblings who are at risk, not to mention pregnant mothers...  It's one of those things that has greater implications than just your child or family.  I've consequently had to alert friends and family we've been in touch with since last week, who will in turn have to alert others they've been in touch with, and so on...  I've also heard on the news that Auckland has a major outbreak of measles which means pretty much anyone not or not fully immunised yet may be risk.  It is amazing how far-reaching it all becomes.

Nothing is certain of course and in most cases it isn't a major illness.  However, it's about managing the risk.  For more info on Measles go here.

I'd love to hear other mum's views on this topic.

On a happy note though, here's Today's Highlight:
- Making our rocky road chockies with my big girls!

Sleep tight

Sunday 10 July 2011

Wordless Sunday: Black & White

Linking up with Meghan for today's Wordless Sunday: Black & White.

Today's Highlight:
- Birthday clothes shopping with my bestie.

Yesterday's Highlight:
- Playing Boardgames! (Puerto Rico, 7 Wonders, Zooloretto).

Sleep tight

Friday 8 July 2011

Out with the old...and busted...


Today's Highlight:
- I've completed my crafty project for July!!!

I give you: the new highchair cover:

Some aspects were a little tricky - like trying to convince the sewing machine it was okay to sew through the vinyl and foam and not have a hissy fit about it because I think I know what I'm doing...

Basically I cut the old one up into two sections, pulled what was left of them further apart and then used the originals as blue prints to cut out the new shapes.  I replaced the old/non-existent foam with some new ones (two skinny layers glued together) and then cut to shape, allowing enough room around the edges for the binding.  The machine really didn't like sewing through the foam (I had to do this twice where I had to cut wee holes for the straps to come through at the waist) so best to avoid that if you can by keeping it away from the edges.  Then I just dotted some glue between vinyl and foam to hold it all together (and nearly fainted when the glue softened the vinyl and made wee marks on it... luckily only temporarily until it dried out fully...).  I'd strongly recommend pinning the binding to the edges as much as you can... it looks like you could do it on the go (as working with that rather unbending and large object seemed like it would be simple) but alas... pin it - you'll save yourself a lot of frustration.

Then add the bottom to the top and ta-da!

I could go further and replace the straps with something in similar colours to the new cover, however the "clips" holding the cover to the seat on the back and bottom are still navy blue so...  However, we'll see if the OCD in me wins in the next few months!  Liezel still has a few months before needing to use it so there's time!

Now I'll focus on my book and then work out some new goals!
Have a good weekend!
Sleep tight

Thursday 7 July 2011


Tricky day for a highlight...not because it was a "bad" day, au contraire, it was a really lovely day all in all.  We're all a bit sick (to varying degrees), but no major highs and really no lows... it was just nice!

Today's Highlight:
- We had a particularly huggy day - there was a rather large amount of hugs and kisses going round... more so than usual...  : )
- I joined the Book club! Yay - always wanted to be part of a bookclub!

Now off to read a bit more of my current book and then to the land of nod...

Sleep tight

Wednesday 6 July 2011


Today's Highlight:
- Liezel's first real chuckle/laugh.  Absolutely adorable : )

There is nothing quite like it - your child's smiles and laughs.  When you think about your kids in general, do the daily little battles and tantrums ever come to mind?  I only really think of how gorgeous they are.  Sure, I know there were frustrations and battles, but I have to Think to remember those.  Funny what you remember...

Sleep tight

Tuesday 5 July 2011


Today's Highlight:
- How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

My SIL had this book (by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague) out from the Library and I read it to all the girls (my 3 plus cousin Lucy!).  I had tears in my eyes every time...obviously my hormones are now permanently screwed...  However, the book goes like this:

"You woke in the morning in such a bad mood,
Then sat at the table and fussed with your food.

But then you blew kisses and you waved from the door,
I love you, I love you, my dinosaur.

Out in the sandbox you threw lots of sand,
You ran from the slide after slapping my hand.

But you suddenly turned with the smile I adore,
Oh I'll always love you, my dinosaur.

You moped through your naptime and slept not a wink,
You flooded the house when you played in the sink

But you got out the mop and then cleaned up the floor,
I love you so much, little dinosaur.

Off in the car you kept kicking my seat,
And when we got out you were dragging your feet

But you held my hand tight when we walked in the store,
I'll love you forever, my dinosaur.

Dinner was a disaster! You made such a mess!
Did you stay up past bedtime?  The answer was YES!

But when you smiled sweetly and held back your roar,
When you kiss and hug me, once, twice, even more...

That's when you give love, and I know this is true.
Because that's how a dinosaur says "I Love You!"

There are many things you learn and experience once you have children.  One thing in particular that astounded me was the unbelievably strong bond and unconditional love you feel for this tiny human.  I realised that a person simply cannot imagine how a parent feels about their child and that it really is one of those things you cannot grasp or fully understand until you've been there and done that.  Amazing how your whole view of the world and perception of things change once you have little dinosaurs.

Sleep tight

Monday 4 July 2011


Tonight I started working again...

Yes I think I'm ready...
Yes I think I quite want to, quite...
But boy it's hard to sit down in front of the pc and do something other than read blogs, or feel like reading a book, or getting on with the next project or ANYTHING else!!

I had an interesting chat with my SIL today and it reminded me of the following quote from Dr Suess' Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are:

When you think things are bad,
when you feel sour and blue,
when you start to get mad...
you should do what I do!

Just tell yourself, Duckie,
you're really quite lucky!
Some people are much more...
oh, ever so much more...
oh, muchly much-much more
unlucky than you!"

Do we ever really realise how lucky we are?  Each night I think of all the things I'm thankful for...and each night I wonder how many things I forget and still take for granted...

Today's Highlights:
- Anya's response to:  "Wow, that great colouring in Anya!  Who's a clever girl?" --- "I am!" she said hiding her pleased little face and shy smile... Usually it's just a shy grin with "No I'm not!"
- Arranging a shopping date with a friend!

I really don't enjoy clothes shopping much for many reasons... but it will be fun going on an outing with a friend and expanding my current wearable wardrobe of one pair of jeans and two tops!

And I've decided that on top of everything else I want to learn to crotchet!  Might have to put that one off for a little while!

Sleep tight

Sunday 3 July 2011

Wordless Sunday: Baked

Linking up with Helen's blog today: A Baked Wordless Sunday

Wordless: not so much and I struggled to decide on a photo so I'm doing two... What a rebel...

Inspiration from a calender I was given led to the creation of these...

The creation of those led to a bit of this...

And while I'm at it here's Today's Highlights:
-  Baking and creating the cupcakes!
and a silly little one but:
- Buying supplies at Spotlight for upcoming projects my "one metre please" almost finished a couple of rolls of fabric and I ended up with about 1.5 metres instead at no extra charge! Ka-ching!

Looking forward to next Sunday!
Sleep tight

Saturday 2 July 2011


Today's Highlight:
- Tall Caramel Macchiato with extra drizzle from Starbucks - delish!

Game night tonight so that will be another highlight.  Trying out a new one, possibly two!  Fun fun fun!

Sleep tight

Friday 1 July 2011

Happy Friday

Today's Highlights: 
- My lovely Liezel smiling at me every time she wakes up...but for the last two days.. every time she is put down to have a nap I get to leave with her gorgeous smiling little face behind me too... : )
- The gorgeous yellow bouquet of flowers received as thanks from a friend - just beautiful.

Sleep tight