Wednesday 30 April 2014

Show & Tell: In a while...Yellow Crocodile...

Happy 1st of May!

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April is always a little bit on the mad side for us with birthdays coming out our ears, along with work deadlines, school holidays and what not...

One of the most important birthdays in our house is that of our youngest.  Who turned 3(!!) and whose favourite colour is yellow, and favourite animals are crocodiles and lambs. Oh yes.

So when asked what kind of things she would like for her birthday cake it came as no surprise that she wanted a crocodile cake.

And just as I was about to make green coloured fondant, up quipped a little voice... "Where's my yellow crocodile Mummy?" The green was promptly closed, hands washed and utensils washed before getting on with yellow instead :)

So, she got her yellow crocodile, with yellow flowers. I was allowed the liberty of adding some red mushrooms to Miss Croc sunning herself on a grassy knoll surrounded by water.

An Easter egg hunt, chocolate eggs, some yellow balloons and a few pressies later she finally got to put her hands on her cake. A happy girl who got all she could wish for on her day. :)

School holidays are nearly over here in NZ... what have you been getting up to? Much time for crafting of any kind? Some team/group efforts perhaps?
Hope you're all having a great time and looking forward to seeing your makes! Or works in progess! : )
L xx

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Monday 28 April 2014


H:  Loving your pony ride at a birthday party - so calm and composed and excited all at the same time.

A:  Off again in your own world whilst enjoying a fluffy.   A quiet daydream makes for a change from your usual on the go daydreams...

L:  What a tired girl you are, the blank tired stare tells it all.  One more week to recharge my sweet.

L xx

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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Show & Tell: Like my mother's mother did

Hiya! How are your school holidays going?

Show & Tell Thursday's

Keeping sane? Having fun? Getting stuck into some kiddie crafting?

A number of weeks ago Heidi rediscovered an old doll of mine. This wee doll used to have a box full of handknitted clothes that my Granny knitted for her/me. Of course over time and lots of moves, poor dolly has been reduced to one outfit. And after about 20 years it was definitely showing it's age...

Given how much H was loving and mothering this doll, I decided to expand her wardrobe... A wee dress was first. I found a picture online and kinda winged it from what I could tell from the picture. It fit and became dolly's day outfit.

A hat was next, mainly to hide the mop thanks to a cut she received from her first owner some 15 years ago... ; )  Not to mention winter is approaching...

And most recently a cardi. I used a pattern for this one and it was the first time I attempted "bobbles". Turned out ok I think - well H and her dolly love it so yay. I even steam blocked it - craziness but it looked much nicer for it!

In time I hope to add a few more items to the wardrobe... some booties at least would be good don't you think?

It really appeals to me for some reason that I can do for my kids, what my mum did for me, and her mum did for her too... Maybe my girls will do it for their children one day too?

What about you?  What generational skills and ideas have you inherited and hope to pass on?
Looking forward to hearing from you lovelies and seeing what you've been making!
Have a great day!
L xx

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Sunday 20 April 2014


L: You had such a big day on your birthday.  Easter eggs hunt, cake, treats, pressies... You were fully engrossed in it all and loved being the legitimate queen bee for the day.
- We prepared cupcakes for kindy for your birthday.  When we asked you about them and who they were for, you replied:  "They are for my People."  There is no denying you being Queen of your People :)

H: Balloon chasing fun - we've had such a lovely time hanging out.  You'll start school in a couple of months and I am already missing my little buddy and our time together.

A: Delight and happiness during your class performance at school - your face was alight and immersed in the joy of performing.

L xx

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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Show & Tell: Hop to it

Hi Lovely People,

Show & Tell Thursday's

Yay for a long weekend!  What are your plans?

A week or so a go a friend and I caught up and got stuck into some Easter craft.

These cute little bunny softies were cut out from vintage linens. I am totally in love with them!  They are the same on both sides except for the purple-ish cross stitch one which is plan on it's other side.  And oh so easy to make!

Cut out, stitch, stuff! Whala! The pattern suggested a pom-pom tail but I decided in the end that the embroidery around their bums were beautiful and really didn't want to detract from it.

They couldn't be easier, and cuter! Love them and of course the girls will get to claim one each over the weekend : )

Have you gotten stuck into any Easter craft lately? Cant wait to see what you will share!

Have a great, safe, Blessed, long weekend lovely people.
L xx

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Sunday 13 April 2014


A: You are so ready for the holidays but when you're distracted and happy, the delight on your face is magical.
- You got your school report which was awesome, complete with a classic line from you: I knew what I wanted to do, the picture was in my brain and looked like this and so that's just what I did. Isn't it pretty?"

L: You love wearing your togs during the day, though "I'm not going whimming Mummy" you assure me.
- Whilst Mum and Dad were trying to ask big sis to compose herself and not lose her marbles, you piped up: "I've got all my marbles!" Referring of course to your actual marbles, too funny :)
- With your birthday approaching I asked your two sisters quietly what we should get you as a present. From the other end of the house you yelled: "Chocolate! And Lollies!"... supersonic hearing and a response that is so you and makes us laugh :)

H: Tunnels and climbing before heading off to a birthday party - the only girl invited among all the boys. Testament to your lovely nature and ability to play with anyone.
- Big sis was deciding whether she wanted a second helping of dinner and explained she was waiting to hear what her tummy had to say... So you piped up: "Nooooo! it's not your tummy that will tell you, it's your brain!"

L xx

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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Show & Tell: Tool-time

Oh hi! How are you?

Show & Tell Thursday's

I may have mentioned a long time ago that I like to make greeting/birthday cards. I've made heaps over the years - some a bit cute, some nice but not spectacular, some that had a bit more x-factor.

This one was for a friends tool-obsessed little boy. Browsing pictures the night before to find a bob-the-builder, or handy-manny or something like that to use... This idea came to me instead!

A toolbox with removable tools! Ha! I love it, love it!

And the little dude did too as he was dead keen to play with it! Win!

Are you a card-maker? Any cute and clever tricks or tips to share on the card-giving front?
Looking forward to hearing from and seeing you all!
Have a terrific day!
L xx

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Sunday 6 April 2014


L: What a week you and I've had... but that little face and smile and tiny dimple, gets me everytime.
H: You've adopted my old doll and she has never been as well loved as by you... Even in the midst of scooter tag and a flurry of action you take care of her lovingly.
A: Always on the move, climbing, jiggling, running... your energy and capabilities know no bounds despite falling over...alot!
L xx

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Thursday 3 April 2014

Still I call it magic, when I'm next to you

I may be a teensy tiny bit excited about the upcoming album... specially as this song is magic... ;)

Have a groovy weekend all!
L xx

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Show & Tell: Knitter-whitter

Happy April fellow crafters!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Remember this crochet hook holder from last year? Well, my friend liked it so much she asked if I could make one for her knitting needles! What a flatterer!

Unfortunately I did not have any more of the pixie fabric, so the stash was consulted and we stumbled across this green pillowcase... which was actually given to me for all the birdie paper-piecing by another friend! Anyhoo, it was perfect!

And I was stupidly happy stumbling upon the ribbon in the bottom of my button container... all twisted and knotted... but look at that colour - perfect!

Armed with her biggest set of knitting needles, and an idea of what I wanted to do, and some help from the interwebs, sewing commenced.

I was rather delighted with how it turned out. And lucky for me, so was she!

So, lovely folk, what have you been whipping up? Any finishes? Any sneaky peaks? Any WIP's?
Looking forward to seeing what you've been making!
Have a happy Thursday!
L xx

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