Friday 27 December 2013

So long, farewell, Elf-wiedersien Albert

And so the time came for Albert to depart... here are his last couple of days:

Day 22: We woke up to find him in the midst of making reindeer food.

After a delicate balancing act of adding a swing to his residence...

Day 23: On his last day he thought he would treat us all to some pancakes... needless to say it didn't go quite the way he'd hoped...

At least the final touch to his home, a lovely potted plant, looked a lot better than the kitchen bench.

On Christmas morning Albert was gone and the girls found a wee gift and note from him... he'd hitched his house to Santa's sleigh and departed in the middle of the night.

So for the next 11 months our Elf can have a bit of a rest and time to come up with some plans for next year : )

Hope you've all had a great Christmas!
L xx

Thursday 26 December 2013

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof...

Dare you not to have a spring in your step after this...

Have a happy weekend!
L xx

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Show & Tell: A red red robin, came hop hop hoppin

Happy Boxing Day :)

Show & Tell Thursday's

So how was your Christmas day? Did you have a splendiferous time?

I tried out one of Juliet's patterns a couple of months ago, the wee Red Robin. I had no plans for it and then thought hey... lets combine that with some of Juliet's snowflakes and make it a table runner for hubby's dutch Oma.

The snowflakes are 8" blocks and the Robin block was cut down to the same size too.
After some quilting and binding, off it went! I really love how it turned out :)

So what Christmas makes can you now share?  Hope you're having a relaxing day after the big day :)
Happy holidays everyone.
L x

Show & Tell Thursday's

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a most Blessed and Wonderful Christmas!
With love from me and mine
L xx

Monday 23 December 2013

Home & Albert

Albert is currently preparing to depart to the North Pole tonight... the last few days have seen him grow a bit more weary from his labours, but only a little bit : )

Day 19: He arrived that morning scoffing down a breakfast treat that he'd procured for the girls... Such a treat they had no idea what it was!

Whilst out he also nabbed himself some new reading material.  Bambi immediately immersed herself into the world of Rudolph.

Somewhere along the line he lost his bearings though and did a crash dive into a pom-pom jar...

Day 20:  We woke up to find he had created his very own flying fox...

Here he is in action:

And he also added some festive outdoor lights to his house.  Isn't it pretty and bright?

Day 21:  Ooooohhhh, some pressies under his tree.

And he just had to do this oldie but a goodie... this year he magiced the milk blue :)

The last installment will be a bit later on this week.
Hope you're all happy and blessed and looking forward to tomorrow.
L xx

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Sunday 22 December 2013

On the street where Albert lives

Things are still happening here in the dead of the night...

Day 15:  Glowsticks? Yes please!

After the rave he had little energy but managed to make a wee cushion for the chair.

Day 16:  A secret conference with the Zebra's... in the microwave... what the??

Maybe it's because Bambi was being a nuisance when he was trying to build the bookshelf...

Day 17:  After slaving away, doing some gardening and painting a windowsill,

he went for a cruisey giraffe-train-ride...

Day 18:  He's got magnetism of  some kind...

During the night, he also did some work on the other side of his section.

While Albert was hanging about and working on his "yard", Bambi decided to trash the house in an attempt to gain his attention...  (3 sets of little fingers kept tidying up this scene - it was re-created a number of  times, but you had to be quick or it was fixed!)

2 more sleeps!  Hope your preparations are going well!
L xx

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Saturday 21 December 2013

Albert in da Hood

Renovations and installations continue, and always with a smile : )

Day 11:  Joining a chorus of Angels.. it was tempting to turn the fan on but we refrained...

 During the night he also brought back a wee pet...

Having a cuddle with his new buddy, Bambi the reindeer.

Day 12:  Shock horror!  He wrecked the games shelves and built himself a wee fort!

And later that day he messed about with the pom pom jars...

 Must have been all the light that now illuminates his home at night that's gotten to him...

Day 13:  Albert's crochet skills are coming along... he whipped up a wee rug for his house.

Sleepy time with Bambi after wielding that hook all night.

Day 14:  Woah woah woah! He wrote on the door!!

Maybe it's because a new tablecloth, cup and plate didn't tire him out enough?

Whatever will he do next?
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Hope you're having a productive weekend!
L xx

Friday 20 December 2013

Albert's Block

Albert is one tireless little guy... here's more of what's been happening on Albert's Block.

Day 8:  Reading Mum's favourite childhood Christmas book to a wee audience.

After he worked like a mad thing on tiling his roof...

After the story he was a bit pooped so had a lie down.

Day 9:  We woke up to find him dabbling in some crochet...

We also discovered he'd adorned some of the walls of his home.  The girls were totally chuffed that they made it on the wall, along with Santa and a mirror.

All that positioning, finding studs, and reading patterns calls for another spot of sleepy reading.

Day 10:  The girls were shocked at this sight... he'd obviously lost his marbles...

I'd go delirious too if I'd spent the night hammering and upholstering a comfy armchair :)

As good a place as any to fall asleep again...

To see how far he's come you can see days 1-7 here.
A few more days to come!
L xx