Wednesday 30 January 2013

Yo-Yo! Show & Tell!

Hi Lovelies,

Show & Tell Thursday's

How's your January been?  Getting into a crafty groove?

Last year whilst perusing and researching Miriam and her Pinterest boards, I decided to try one of the things found on there, for the advent swap.

A yo-yo covered cushion cover.

I'd never made any before and I am in love!  So quick and easy and cute!!

There was a bit of planning - arrangements, buttons, etc.

And I am really happy with the way it turned out  : )

Today is the last day to link up and be in to win a fat quarter of your choice from this gorgeous range and metre of pom-pom braid from lovely Lisa at Lydia's Treasures.
Lydia's Treasures

What wonderfully happy creations have you been working on?
Looking forward to seeing it!
L x

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Show & Tell - Allsorts

Hi again!
Thanks for joining us for Show & Tell.

Show & Tell Thursday's

Today I have a random-ish collection of items to show... no theme or topic as such.  All items were part of the great Advent Swap we did in December.

My first encounter with a zip... I love this fabric and the shiny blue lining.

More felt... I adore this concept.  I printed off the picture found on Pinterest and set to work.  The tag for hanging was forgotten in my enthusiasm, but luckily I was able to remedy the situation.

Yes, I know I've done these before... but they are sooo cute!!

And more familiar territory... But I love them and there were lots of reasons Miriam needed one too :)  The pattern/tutorial is available here.
Photo from Miriam's blog.

What little bits and bops have you been working/worked on?

Dont forget!  Lisa is giving away a fat quarter of your choice from this gorgeous range, along with a metre of pom pom braid.  Anyone who has linked up during the month goes in the draw!
Lydia's Treasures

Thanks for stopping in and linking up! Looking forward to being inspired!
L x

Show & Tell Thursday's

Monday 21 January 2013

Seriously Delicious...

Last week I read this post... and knew it had to be done... Soon!  So Saturday saw the making of these cupcakes....

Seriously good...

Seriously... so much so that we made some more yesterday...

So fluffy and moist and delicious... it was all we and our guests could do not to gobble the whole lot up in one sitting...  SO Goooooood....

Thanks for sharing Mon - they are YUM!
L x

Joining in with Ange.
Fun with Food

Thursday 17 January 2013

Stickmen to Love

Happy Friday!
Loving things over here with Meghan and other lovely people today.

My girls adoreThe Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child stories. ADORE.  This week Heidi started building 'stickmen' with her lego...  For those who aren't familiar... The Gruffalo has a girl child and the girl child has a stickman as her friend (Stickman has his own story too...).  They made me smile : )

Mmmm, now what does this remind me of? 

A day or two later Anya walked into the house with a collection of sticks from outside.  I was requested to help cellotape her stickman together please...  It's not a stickman though... it's a stickgirl....  complete with leaves for hair and then she appeared with two seedy nut things for the eyes too...

Heidi made herself one too... but didn't feel the need to make it gender specific or pimp it at all.  : )  Stickman and stickgirl have both suffered broken legs but cellotape is like magic around these parts and can fix anything in their eyes.

Birthday Preparation:
This growing collection of colour preparations makes me feel happy each time I see it...

Little scribbles:
Every now and again I find Anya or Heidi have scribbled their names or drawn little pictures in unexpected places.  Sorting through my filing pile i glimpsed this flurry of activity.  So cute (and luckily not on anything important!) : )

Hope you've had a love-filled week!
L xx

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Show & Tell - Festive Felt

Hi you lovely clever people,
Thank you for dropping by today - hopefully you'll leave a little bit inspired by some of the neat things others have been creating!

Show & Tell Thursday's

I'd never really used felt before until recent months.  Subconsciously I think I had an idea that perhaps it would tear or look "handled" quickly from trying to work with it.  Anyhoo needless to say I was wrong and it's fun and easy to work with!  And the Falalala book had me sold on it!

Two items I loved making from it:  a star garland and the paisley sock ornament.

Both for Miriam for our Advent Swap.  Notice the blue, purple and green? and the Paisley? : )

What materials have you worked with that surprised you?

Thanks for linking up and of course we have the awesome giveaway from Lydia's Treasures this month!  Photo coming soon!
Lydia's Treasures

Looking forward to seeing what you've got to show!
L x

Show & Tell Thursday's

Monday 14 January 2013

Cupcake Love

I've been itching to do some baking (other than bread!) lately... We love baking, so today we pulled out our new cupcake and muffin book and started with some delicious Vanilla cupcakes....

After they had cooled the best bit came... icing and decorating... pink and blue icing was requested and mixed...

And after a bit of help and guidance on piping the icing, came the toppings...

All hands on deck - and a few mouths too...

A happy collection that kept us all entertained for a while.  They tasted good too!

Baking and decorating is a fun and frequently requested activity in our household.  It's something we thoroughly enjoy doing together and one of the things that help me to be the mum I want to be.

Hope your week is off to a fun and happy start!
Joining in with Miriam and Ange.
L xx

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Thursday 10 January 2013

Loving- my girls

Warning: this is all about my children and the mushy squishy feelings I'm enjoying at the moment!  And I will add right now, that yes, they have had their moments and there have certainly been a day or two where they've woken up seemingly with the sole purpose of making sure I pull my hair out...

But mostly it's been a really awesome week...  Watching new movies, shopping, working on birthday plans...  Filled with lots of iceblocks on sweltering days...

Lying on blankets, eating popcorn, watching clouds and planes in the sky.  We've just had such a lovely time playing and having fun.  Playing 'house', mummy's and babies...

Anya loves picking Liezel up and carrying her around.  Of course Liezel loves her doing this.  It is hilarious.
Heidi tries but she's not much bigger than Liezel - which also makes for great entertainment.
The two older girls dote on their little sister... always holding her hand, leading her around, looking after her, giving her hugs, cleaning her scraped knees and so on.
And Liezel loves her big sisters.  More and more I find her watching and looking at them for guidance.  On how to do something or how to react... whatever her big sisters are doing she will do too.

Little things they've been saying:  Anya calls the other two sweetheart, darling, etc all the time.  and the other day my hubby was showing her different types of speakers.. tweeters, subwoofer, etc... when he moved on to a different grouping she proudly showed him which one the "birdie" speaker was... :) too cute!

Liezel's talking more and more and starting to string proper sentences together.  "Mine" has become "I've got it" in just the last couple of days.  This kid... she is one heck of a character... and has a face that can get her out of anything... it takes alot of suppressing smiles and laughter to keep a straight face sometimes : )

Warm and fuzzies : )
Have a great weekend everyone!
L xx

For more loving head over to Meghan's : )

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Show & Tell - A House Pouch

Hi Lovelies,

How's your new year going?  Have you gotten stuck into some new projects?  Working on finishing some old ones?  Or just having a break?  I've been itching to get stuck into something... but too many other things keep cropping up : ) One of those things is a rainbow dress for my soon to be 5-year old... any suggestions anyone?

Show & Tell Thursday's

Last year I made this little pouch for Miriam as part of the Advent Swap.

I saw the pattern in Cat's copy of Zakka Style.  And Miriam loves little houses.  Done.
It was my second attempt at a zip...  and I think the pattern and I will agree to disagree on the correct size needed but I think it turned out ok in the end...

And it was lined with some gorgeous fabric from Deb's shop.  I was a little in love with it by the time it was done : )  And it has been received with great warmth and enthusiasm - yay!

Dont forget our giveaway for January!  Some fabric and a few other items are on offer to anyone who has linked up during the month - sponsored by lovely Lisa from Lydia's Treasures.
Lydia's Treasures
Remember to go check out her shop as she has some gorgeous goodies on offer.

Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.  Thanks for linking up and visiting!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's