I love baking, cakes and I especially love BIRTHDAYS!  My mum used to make the most awesome birthday cakes for my brothers and I.  We absolutely loved them and hopefully my girls will have similar wonderful memories of their birthdays cakes!  So here are my efforts to date...

Liezel's 3rd

A yellow crocodile cake - as requested for the little one who loves crocodiles and the colour yellow.

Anya's 6th
For a girl who adores Cats and Rainbows...a cake after her toy cat called Rainbow : )

Heidi's 4th
Another Zebra cake for a girl who still loves them.

Liezel's 2nd
Chocolate and lollies for a little girl who may be addicted.

Anya's 5th
Rainbows and flowers

Heidi's 3rd
For the girl who loves Zebra's and orange.

Liezel's 1st
A Lego cake for a Lego-Legend at 1.

Anya's 4th Birthday Cake
The big girl wanted a pink cake!! Inspiration came from here.

Heidi's 2nd Birthday Cake
She absolutely adores Toucans - especially the one from here :)

Anya's 3rd Birthday Cake
Animals and the zoo are still an obsession!

Heidi's 1st Birthday Cake
Heidi loved music and dancing - she still does!

Anya's 2nd Birthday Cake
She loved trucks and diggers and all things big and manly!  All decorations were of trucks, cars, diggers, etc and she wore her fairy outfit for the occasion :)

Anya's 1st Birthday Cake
For our 1st Princess - a castle