Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Today's Highlight:
- Liezel's first real chuckle/laugh.  Absolutely adorable : )

There is nothing quite like it - your child's smiles and laughs.  When you think about your kids in general, do the daily little battles and tantrums ever come to mind?  I only really think of how gorgeous they are.  Sure, I know there were frustrations and battles, but I have to Think to remember those.  Funny what you remember...

Sleep tight


  1. Oh... so sweet! I can't wait for my newest family member to be born. I can't wait to see the relationship develop between my daughter and this new little person.

    I love baby laughs and giggles. Actually, I love my 3 1/2 year old's laughs and giggles! Makes my day!

  2. Baby laughs are the best, can't wait for my house to be filled with them... very soon!

    Very cute photo! :)

  3. Cuuuute! I love that pic too! Man, Anya is looking so grown up! :) x


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