Sunday 26 April 2015


A: Your first venture as an "animal rescuer". You were so utterly delighted to be able to pick up this poor frog who was being followed about by a neighbourhood cat and release it elsewhere safely. After tentatively touching it, you worked up the courage to pick it up. Your face was just beaming with delight at this feat! Your sisters managed to touch it but holding it was not on the cards! It was such a delight to see you in your element like this - such a tender girl and your love for animals of all kinds is so strong.

H: We finally got round to planting our flower seeks for our fairy gardens. The three of you had very different approaches and visions for how you wanted the flowers to be arranged in their growing process. The week has gone super fast and you have been counting down the sleeps over the last few days as we finally got news of a spot at A's school for you in your year! Hoorah! We were there within minutes to fill out forms and straight to the shop to get a uniform. You have practically packed your back and are super ready to start on Monday! Your patience has now been rewarded for which we're utterly relieved as we would have had to have you start at a different school in the interim if something didn't come up immediately. Phew :)

L: My priceless birthday girl. Twirling around in your birthday dress for your subjects as the self-proclaimed queen of the butterflies. You enjoyed every moment of your special day and shared your moments with you sisters beautifully. You are growing up and maturing in so many ways. As has become the norm with us, you had your first haircut (a trim by mum) now you've turned 4. It has made you look even older still! Your imaginative independent play has also progressed and changed in the last week while and it is funny listening to the conversations between toys and the scenes play out -not to mention the facial expressions that go along with it.

Thursday 23 April 2015

Impromptu Daytrip - Part 2

On the way back home we decided to stop in at Stratford-upon-Avon - not realising it was where Shakespeare was born and also died, and there was a bit of a market on so it was teeming with people.  It was just delightful though and we will be back to see more!

All in all a great spur of the moment trip and a taster for future visits.
L xx

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Impromptu Daytrip - Part 1

On Easter Monday we decided to head off for the day.  Over breakfast we perused our friend Google Maps and came up with a plan.  First stop the delightful town of Royal Leamington Spa where we had a lovely stroll and morning tea.

Thereafter we set off to Moreton-in-Marsh. Another lovely town where we had lunch and a stroll along the main street.

After this we headed back north - Part 2 to follow.
L xx

Tuesday 21 April 2015


L:  You have been a talking machine lately - it seriously does not stop.  And it is very entertaining even if what you're saying isn't that terribly funny, the fact you need to comment and talk about Every.Thing.  is!  And you still slay me with some of your pronounciations.  Lately it's been words with a "u", like hug becomes huuuug  with the "u" terribly deep and pronounced.

A:  First week back at school and you were pretty shattered over the weekend.  You really do throw yourself into it!  However Friday saw you coming home with a grin that was permanently stuck to your face for days.  You had won two prizes at school for your holiday homework piece on Alice in Wonderland.  And you got sent to the principals office for it (in a good way!) and got to show off your work to assembly!  You were absolutely buzzing and we were all super proud of you x

H:  After having your sisters around for a couple of weeks you did miss them a bit when they went back to school and kindy.  But we got to hang out again and do our thing.  You love being part of what goes on "behind the scenes" though you are keen to get out and among it.  Soon!

L xxx

Thursday 16 April 2015

March - The Second Month

After February came March, our second month here... what a surprise :)

March kicked off with snow! A small flurry first thing in the morning. The morning of A starting school. And on our way to school it snowed too... A was in heaven. School and snow all on the same day at the same time! With school more or less sorted for the big girls, we visited a couple of kindies and enrolled L into a place that looked utterly delightful. She started the following week with a visit on the Monday morning and H was invited to stay for the morning too.  Such a treat for her.  On the days that her sisters were off learning she was home with Mum being a great helper and doing reading, "sums" and practicing writing.

We packed up the apartment and moved into the house during the second week, after a few days of cleaning but mostly waiting for beds to be delivered.  Our bed was delivered on the Wednesday but the girls beds only came the next day.  So on that first day the girls kept telling everyone, everywhere we went, that they were sleeping on the floor... I got a few strange looks and felt a bit like holding up a sign to explain.  Anyways, having a "camp" sleepover together on the floor had the girls terribly excited.  And for the record, there were blankets and duvets for them to sleep on ;)

The following day the girls beds arrived, but... we were only able to assemble one as the bunks had a split panel that meant we could not put it together. At least there were mattresses!  During the month we got a few more things like a dining table, vacuum cleaner, tele, broadband and of course the ever important kettle!! We spent some time shopping for towels and a handful of essentials just to get us through until our things arrived.   The various outings lead to lovely discoveries like delicious coffee and sushi bowls for lunch.

Back on the school front we were invited to a special Mother's Day performance put on by each class. It was oh so special and I was a teary mess. There was a red nose day and we also started walking to school in the afternoons. It was fun trying to find shortcuts and different paths - a lovely easy stroll on a sunny day.

March also saw the arrival of our first parking fine (seriously! at a supermarket?), the start of daylight savings here and a first flat tyre - wah wah waaaaah! The flat tyre meant that super crazy expensive car insurance came in handy! We had the curtain rail in the girls bedroom fall off twice which was amusing - not sleeping on the floor but sleeping in the starlight :)

We started settling into a new normal at the new house with the various daily routines getting established. Finding some of our locals shops like supermarkets, a hairdresser for D, and even a local yarn shop. In the last week though H fell ill with a virus. Unfortunately we had not yet registered at the local doctor's surgery so ventured to the walk-in clinic to make sure it was just a virus.  And it was and the clinic was fine... and again on the second visit a few days later for A and I.  The girls all got sick but luckily it was short lived for a couple of days only.  D had to take some time off though as I was bedridden for almost a week with the flu and various secondary infections. Of course it was only a matter of time before the crash came ;)

Two months in and over... how did that happen?!

Wednesday 15 April 2015


A: Second and final week of school holidays. Another short week with lots happening. The most exciting thing for you though, was learning to knit. You have been so keen to create, keen, keen, keen... Then our stuff arrived and you did not leave your craft box for a second. So I dusted off the knitting cobwebs and low it came back. Ten minutes later you were going for it and now you are working away at it at every opportunity. I was so impressed with how quickly you got it. Though not surprised by your level of dedication! Extremely heartwarming.

H: We are all crossing our fingers that next week you will be able to start school. In the meantime you have relished having your bicycle back and have been biking up a storm trying "new tricks". And going wild with the Lego. And being a great helper. You are a joy to have by my side - always keen to help and very thorough.

L: Watching you three work together... I cant begin to tell you just how much it delights me to see you working away. It really is ridiculous. And more than that just how keen you are little one. There are tantrums if anyone does "your" jobs or there is not much for you to do! There are a few cats that stroll across our backyard and we have built a relationship with one. Patting it keeps you three entertained for long stints at a time - a joy to all of us.

L xx