Monday, 11 July 2011

Be wise...


I'm really a very understanding person but I do not understand why you would not get your child immunised...  Surely the benefits of immunising your children out-way the negatives?

One child at kindy has measles so now it's off to the doctors tomorrow so Anya can have her second dose of MMR vaccine which isn't due for another 6 months, but better to have it now that there's a risk...  Heidi at 2 is ok having had her last vaccinations at 15 months, but Liezel being only 3 months may be at risk and can only have the MMR vaccine as early as 12 months...

I got a little bit agitated as it seems somewhat irresponsible not to do it...and we've all only just recovered from colds and chest infections...  Most of the kids at kindy will be immunised but most of them have little and/or baby siblings who are at risk, not to mention pregnant mothers...  It's one of those things that has greater implications than just your child or family.  I've consequently had to alert friends and family we've been in touch with since last week, who will in turn have to alert others they've been in touch with, and so on...  I've also heard on the news that Auckland has a major outbreak of measles which means pretty much anyone not or not fully immunised yet may be risk.  It is amazing how far-reaching it all becomes.

Nothing is certain of course and in most cases it isn't a major illness.  However, it's about managing the risk.  For more info on Measles go here.

I'd love to hear other mum's views on this topic.

On a happy note though, here's Today's Highlight:
- Making our rocky road chockies with my big girls!

Sleep tight


  1. Yeah I'm all for the immunisations too. Someone who lives up the road (who is very anti) turned up to visit my new baby and told me her boy had whooping cough! He was with her too. Needless to say I whisked that baby off to bed very quickly and they didn't stay long.

  2. We caught measles ;'( 2 weeks later chicken pox ;'( 2 weeks later chicken pox again !! !! !! (and it was my immunized child who caught the measles) I cried sobbed cried sobbed !!


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