Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Today's Highlight:
- How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

My SIL had this book (by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague) out from the Library and I read it to all the girls (my 3 plus cousin Lucy!).  I had tears in my eyes every time...obviously my hormones are now permanently screwed...  However, the book goes like this:

"You woke in the morning in such a bad mood,
Then sat at the table and fussed with your food.

But then you blew kisses and you waved from the door,
I love you, I love you, my dinosaur.

Out in the sandbox you threw lots of sand,
You ran from the slide after slapping my hand.

But you suddenly turned with the smile I adore,
Oh I'll always love you, my dinosaur.

You moped through your naptime and slept not a wink,
You flooded the house when you played in the sink

But you got out the mop and then cleaned up the floor,
I love you so much, little dinosaur.

Off in the car you kept kicking my seat,
And when we got out you were dragging your feet

But you held my hand tight when we walked in the store,
I'll love you forever, my dinosaur.

Dinner was a disaster! You made such a mess!
Did you stay up past bedtime?  The answer was YES!

But when you smiled sweetly and held back your roar,
When you kiss and hug me, once, twice, even more...

That's when you give love, and I know this is true.
Because that's how a dinosaur says "I Love You!"

There are many things you learn and experience once you have children.  One thing in particular that astounded me was the unbelievably strong bond and unconditional love you feel for this tiny human.  I realised that a person simply cannot imagine how a parent feels about their child and that it really is one of those things you cannot grasp or fully understand until you've been there and done that.  Amazing how your whole view of the world and perception of things change once you have little dinosaurs.

Sleep tight

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