Monday 18 July 2011

Back in the saddle

After a few days hiatus I'm returning to my bloggy.

Down and out with sickness for a while now... as soon as we all thing we're almost at the end... Boom!  On comes the next round even worse than before... Argh!!! Am over it!! Bugs bugs go AWAY!

Am grateful for my lovely girls and how they survive these things though... they still burst with life and happiness but at a slightly slower and sensitive pace!

And I've missed a few days so catching up on Highlights:

- a wonderful birthday with many surprises, hubby home, dinner out and extra special presents.

- Liezel finding her voice and chatting at high volumes for all to hear and take note!

- A lovely surprise birthday lunch with close friends and family.

- Anya telling me that she was going to come to do the grocery shopping with me: "Anya's coming with Mummy to go shopping...And I'm going to have a fluffie and a man (gingerbread man)...And I'm going to be a very very good girl for Mummy..."  Irresistibly cute.

- Making glittery cotton wool sheep pictures with the girls.

Off to do some work now that's happily been neglected too!

Sleep tight

The warm sun, our model dog and phantom cat.

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