Thursday 27 February 2014

Hold me till I you on the other side...

I was going to do Better Man... but this song won out in the end. Hope you enjoy : )

Have a great weekend!
L xx

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Show & Tell: Ctrl Alt Del

Hi Guys!
Nice of you to drop in : )

Show & Tell Thursday's

Last November we were thinking up housewarming gifts for friend. What to get a computerish guy who has everything? Tricky tricky... And then... lightbulb!

I must have seen this somewhere as I know I'm not the first person to have done it... However we were pretty pleased with the results - a lovely calico with dark grey applique. Simple, effective.

It's stretched over housewarming, Christmas and most recently Birthday gifts for him. By the end he could see it coming, but hey, he still liked it : )

What lightbulb ideas have you had recently?
Do tell! And link!! Or just both!!
Have a happy second to last day of Feb!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's

Sunday 23 February 2014


L: Such absolute joy in swinging faster and higher.
A: In one of your happy places - playing with your lego and making up the stories as you go.
H: Working on an eye-brow wiggle - it's hard work getting them to move in the right directions!
L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity

Thursday 20 February 2014

And if I told the truth, I will always be free

Another group that I've been enjoying lots over the last few months.

Happy Friday!
L xx

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Show & Tell: A pinch and a Pouch

Hi Everyone,

Show & Tell Thursday's

Last month I signed up for Cat's Sew Sweet Swap. My partner was Tracy who loves all things orange :)

After a bit of browsing, I decided on the Triple Zip Pouch. Naturally it was predominantly an orange pouch with the linings in blues.  The back is a continuation of the freestyle stippling on the front.

Tracy is a talented scrapbooker and is also learning to sew this year, so in went a few relevant goodies for her crafting endeavours. And of course lots of orange lollies!

I was quite pleased with how it turned out, and Tracy was very happy with her package too - win!
Have you been working away and swappy goodness lately?
Looking forward to getting my weekly dose of your crafting goodness!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's

Sunday 16 February 2014


A: A rare quiet moment - sitting in the sun warming up after having some fun with on the slip and slide.
H: An almost siesta also warming up in the sun.
L: A bit obsessed with watches - pushing buttons, turning dials, and they're all different!
L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity

Thursday 13 February 2014

We will run away, to another galaxy you know...

I dont know how this song managed to get in my head so much - not really my style at all but I love it!

Have a great weekend!
L xx

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Show & Tell: Hedgy Wedgy

Hi Lovelies!
How's your week going?

Show & Tell Thursday's

A few months ago I purchased some patterns from A Little Sweetness. I am a big fan of Tasha Noel's fabric designs and patterns, and when I was looking for some simple evening stitching I remembered her shop.

One of the patterns was this wee hedgy - so cute! I enjoyed working on him and it's the first time I've attempted to "fill in" a space. I think lots of practice will help for future projects!

I really enjoy embroidery and find it so super relaxing. Looking forward to working on some more and I've recently failed at resisting the temptation of joining The Frosted Pumpkin's Once Upon A Time Sampler... (thanks Liz!).  Mmm... I foresee a bit of stitching in my future - oh woe-is-me!

What have you been up to?  Tempted into starting something new recently?
Looking forward to seeing what you guys are up to!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's

Sunday 9 February 2014


L: Ecstatic playing with the hose and spraying yourself and everyone else!
A: Always smiling, always happy - your turn at revenge with the hose.
H: Having a great time scooting down hills, in Leigh for our "long-weekend" holiday.

L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity

Thursday 6 February 2014

Gave you a minute, when you needed an hour...

Awesome song - looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

L xx

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Show & Tell: A Cat called Rainbow

Hi!! How's your week been?

Show & Tell Thursday's

We had an utterly stunner so far - simply gorgeous and so summery!

You may know we've had a birthday round here lately. You may also know that I absolutely love creating birthday cakes!

My big girl turned six recently...and asked for a cat her black and white toy-cat...called Rainbow!

So you can see how the decorations came to be, and the inside was pink as requested. We didn't put on a party this year, but that doesn't mean you cant have a special cake!

She loved it, and it tasted good too!  Mission accomplished :)

So what have you been up to? Making/creating/progressing?
Would love to see!
Hope you have a great "long" weekend!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's

Sunday 2 February 2014


H: On the phone with a family friend - it took a while to convince you to lower your voice as she wasn't that far away but just on the phone.
L: Applying more sunscreen when we were almost at the end of a zoo visit - a very good ratio of sunscreen to exposed skin area was achieved.
A: My sweet big girl on your birthday - still cant quite believe you are Six!

L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity