Thursday 30 January 2014

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Show & Tell: It's in the bag


Show & Tell Thursday's

How's your week going? Still on 'holiday' or has the school/kindy year started? We're back into the swing of it this week - a bit hard to believe really!

A friend and I got chatting about simple and quick but substantial things to sew a while back, which lead to the idea of a messenger bag. I'd never tried it, thought it seemed simple enough, so gave it a go.

I drew up some "plans" and set to it. It turned out a lot better than expected! Good enough to gift, so that was a bonus!

I have to say though it was more time-consuming than I had thought. Maybe it was because I'd never done it and was working from my rough and ready ideas? Maybe they're just not that quick?

What's your experience with messenger or other bags? Any favourite patterns? Tips? Tricks?
Looking forward to hearing your views and also seeing what you've been making!
L xx

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Monday 27 January 2014


L: "I'm sharing your lolly Mummy" you proclaimed, after we found you under the table with contraband...
H: Everyday you go out there and proudly set up the swingbal by yourself. Then you get into the serious business of hitting, and missing, the ball.
A: On your birthday eve eve, out on your own, at night, with Mum and Dad for dinner! You were so super excited and felt so special - such a special evening out with out big girl xx

L xx

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Thursday 23 January 2014

Shake it like a polaroid picture...

Feels like summer.... (skip to 1min to avoid all the pre-amble :) )

Have a happy weekend folks
L xx

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Show & Tell: For the birds

Hello hello, come in, come in!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Last year I got onto a bit of a paper-piecing buzz... all new, all exciting, all addictive!

The first few had no purpose before I decided to keep going and make a quilt.

Some more testing, and more birds later there were enough to turn them into a lap sized quilt.

Destined as a gift for my in-laws for Christmas, the completed top along with a NZ wool blanket as batting and an awesome vintage sheet were sent to Leeanne for some custom quilting.

Binding went on all ready for Christmas day. And it was very well received - yay!

Thank you to Juliet for trusting me with your patterns and getting me hooked on paper-piecing! And to Leeanne whose skills take a quilt to a whole new level!

What big projects and milestones have you been achieving? Any more Christmas presents to share?
Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to!
Happy Thursday
L xx

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Sunday 19 January 2014


A&H: Two tired girls having a cuddle, whilst zoning out to a movie after lunch.
L: Icing-sugar covered face, inspecting some poor offending popcorn during pm tea on a sunny summer's day.

Have a happy week.
L xx

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Thursday 16 January 2014

Coaxing the words from the earth and the dirt

This song makes me feel like frolicking in the meadows...

Have a sunshiny weekend
L xx

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Show & Tell: Mushaboom

Happy Thursday!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Remember last year I showed you the wee nature collection? Since the first attempt at those items a few have been refined and worked on some more. Like the mushrooms...

I finally ended up with a pattern that I was happy with and produced exactly what I wanted! There were lots of trails but we got there! Since I finalised my pattern, I've made heaps for all kinds of things, like these Christmas decorations for example!

I am yet to make a whole rainbow of them - that would be a bit fun dont you think?  If you're interested in the pattern for these... it is now available in my Etsy shop.

What have you been working at, refining, making, learning? Do tell!
Thanks for stopping by and being so encouraging and inspiring! You guys are soooo talented!
Until next week, link away!
L xx

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Sunday 12 January 2014


A: Concentrating as she works on her tapestry
H: Beautiful contemplative butterfly face after a little friends' birthday party
L: Peacefully engaged in a story

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
L xx

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Thursday 9 January 2014

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Show & Tell: 1, 2, 3, Frock!

Here we are at another Thursday :)

Show & Tell Thursday's

How's your January shaping up?

As you can see, my 3 blossoms ended up with their 3 summer dresses. After having each chosen their fabric a couple of months ago, I got round to sewing them up using this pattern, in the week before Christmas.

The pink one was actually only completed last week as I had initially done a different dress from a different pattern.  However it was terrible in fit and size and I really didn't like it, so we went back to the the first pattern and whipped up the last version in less than a couple of hours.

It is super easy and a quick wee dress to sew.  I did struggle a little with the sizing though as the dresses seemed huge on my girls (despite having measured them, etc).  I added the ties to the back of the blue one and it's still going to last her a number of years simply because there is so much room in it!  The orange one fitted the best from the start, but the pink one I took in a bit around the sides to fit better.

Do you have any tips or tricks for me for the next time round?  Anything I need to keep in mind/consider when deciding what size to make when it comes to kids clothes?

What summery creations have you been making?
Hope you're all having a great start to 2014 :)
L xx

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Monday 6 January 2014


I've just decided to join the 52 project this year - mainly because it will encourage me to take more photo's of my girls and capture moments in time that reflect them and our lives together :)

My child of fire and ice

The difference in the way these two run speaks volumes of their personalities.

Happy Monday
L xx

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Thursday 2 January 2014

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Show & Tell: Heffridge Trumpler Brompet Heffalump IV

Happy New Year!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Welcome to the first edition of Show & Tell for 2014!

Have you seen the Heffalump movie?  Do you know Lumpy?  Well this little guy is Lumpy.

Made for a little girl who is besotted with heffalumps!  I was lucky enough to find this great pattern, even if my version doesn't quite look like the one in the pattern ; )

Very fun to make and even more fun to give : )

What exciting crafty plans do you have for this year?
Hope you're all having a lovely relaxing break!
L xx

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