Sunday, 24 July 2011


Finally the weekend arrived...

A week filled with lots of tears, frustrations, worries and sickness... And now that the new week beckons I will lock away those parts of it and remember the good stuff - which there was and I remember with a smile : )

Smile 1:  With no holiday programme at kindy for Anya and therefore nothing to bring home and show off everyday, we took to creating extra special pictures to show Daddy when he came home.  We had great fun making black spotted panda-bears, cotton-wool sheep, houses out of shapes, fish-tanks with sparkly air bubbles and cars with moving wheels!

Smile 2: And we've learned a new game to play together which the girls learned easily and quickly and we all enjoyed immensely!  We have a few more that we'll be learning in time to come that should be fun.

Smile 3: Potty training Heidi.  We've been delaying this although she's been ready for months due to Liezel's impending arrival initially and then her newborn presence... we figured we had enough to deal with.  She's more or less been going by herself on and off so we decided it was really time to get on with it.  So on Friday it was bye bye daytime nappy and hello big girl knickers!  So far so good and today she took herself to the toilet without needing to be reminded!  Yay for big little girls!

Friday's Highlight:
- A great start to Heidi's potty training!
- Learning and playing a new game with my big girls.

Saturday's Highlight:
- Anya's gorgeous butterfly face.

Today's Highlight:
- Liezel rolled over!

And we came very close to adopting a dog from the SPCA this weekend... We even had three dogs that we decided would be nice additions to our family... But the Hubby thinks we should wait a little while - apparently we have enough dependents!

Now I've got all this out - Wordless Sunday can Almost be Wordless!


  1. The sneaky bunnies game looks so cute! I have my "wordless sunday" picture all ready to go. Felt inspired to try something extra special :o)

  2. What gorgeous kidlets you have! And sounds like a lovely weekend!

  3. Beautiful little butterfly face!!! I just love how you have managed to make a completely positive post out of a week full of sick kids. Great stuff! The art sounds amazing, you should share...xx

  4. What gorgeous girls. What is the age difference between yours? We're contemplating adding a third to our mix ... still not sure :-)

    I'm totally searching for this new game - I'm a little out of the loop with games for kiddies. Am sure my youngest is still a way off concentrating on anything like that but my three year old would love it.

    Yay for toilet trained big little girls!

  5. Hi Renee - Thanks! Go for it I say, we/I am absolutely loving having a 3rd little one and decided that we wanted another child in our family (boy or girl didn't matter!) - so here we are a year later with 3 girls! And it's awesome! Anya's 3.5, Heidi's turned 2 last month, and Liezel is just over 3 months. Gaps: 17months between Anya & Heidi, and 22 months between Heidi and Liezel. Re the games: try the linked website - they're great and there are heaps of other fun games. Anya "gets" it no problem, Heidi gets about 70% of it but keen to partake which helps! Good luck! :)


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