Monday, 11 May 2015


L:  My littlest blossom.  In the last couple of weeks you have delighted in writing your own name, recognising the letters in it everywhere, and also writing other names and words all by yourself.   You are still terribly in love with your birthday dress and whenever you can, you wear it.  When I wash it, you beg that I do it quickly while you sleep at night.  And you are counting down to your next birthday - every day hopeful that perhaps its not three hundred and something anymore but more like three... "isn't it Mummy?"  Bless  : )

H:  You are such an individual with a style that is completely your own and very unique.  We are often amused by your outfits that are usually randomly thrown on together - you have other things to do : ).  You are hanging out to play soccer, but given that we are heading into summer, we will have to find an alternative outlet/sport for you in the meantime to keep you passionate about running about outside.

A:  We laughed and laughed when we discovered your soft toy tower the other night.  Who knows what you get up to when you're supposed to be sleeping that we just never see or find.  Over the weekend part of your homework consisted of doing data collection and presenting it in a bar chart.  Once we nailed the concept of the exercise you were away - we had fun doing your homework.  But of course you then enjoyed the whole thing so much you surveyed us all on so many different topics and produced who-knows-how-many different bar charts!  To such an extent that your sisters started their own ones too.  I think you have covered just about all aspects of our lives in your charts : )

L xx


  1. They are all so unique and adorable friend!!! And how cute is that stuffed animal tower!! Here is to a wonderful week! Nicole xo

  2. What a great collection showing their that they will always keep us smiling and surprising us. X

  3. Fabulous snap shots of your wee the teddy tower!

  4. Such sweet girls. Love L's expression in that first photo! Looks like they are all settling in and finding their way so well.

  5. Lovely Lovely girls and I just love L's face in the first photo.
    H sweet darling H I wish I could rub some of your outdoor enthusiasm off onto my Z!
    A ha ha ha sleep antics - gotta love them


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