Tuesday, 26 May 2015


L: You are obsessed with "slugs" even if they are technically snails. You collect them and gather then, build wee "houses" for them, bring them leaves for food... It is adorable to watch you with your "live" collection. You start bopping when you hear music - and in time! You were mesmerised by the ballet dancers who performed before A's show, you little face was precious.

A: As one of the "Queens Cards" in the school play of Alice in Wonderland. You were wonderful and delivered your lines loud and clear. You were on to everything, encouraging all the other kids at the right times and places. I had tears streaming from start till finish. It was wonderful and I was absolutely bursting with joy and delight at you my precious girl.

H: You were thrilled to bits to finally go on the Eye! So awesome :) And you are bursting at the seams that you have gotten a place in the football coaching sessions. We are off to go and get you shin pads and trainers - and you cannot wait! And we cant wait to see you in action :)

L xx


  1. Beautiful things happening for all your girls! The slugs are awesome and look at her in her card costume!!! Good things all around buddy!!! Nicole xo

  2. Lovely wee snail, so tiny. Nice selfie of you and your daughter. I hope your daughter had fun in Alice in Wonderland, I played the White Rabbit many years ago!

  3. Oh how I miss you all . . . but loving seeing you via here.
    I love the eye . . . and the view


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