Monday, 18 May 2015

On the Road: Conwy Castle

Following on from our morning in Llandudno we decided to head to Conwy Castle, about 10 minutes away.  Oh my gosh... it was amazing!  The Castle is built on a rock and is a formidable fortress as you cross the bridge to Conwy Town.

Built for English monarch Edward I, by his master architect, Master James of St George, the castle was apparently the finest of a ring of 5 castle's Edward built to contain the Welsh. It is beautifully preserved and you certainly get a feel for it's age and medieval purpose when you walk around it. It was built over a number of years between 1283 to 1287. The Welsh briefly captured it at one point but over time it was abandoned due to various conflicts and civil war.

The town is encircled by huge walls with 22 towers, and the Castle itself has 8 massive towers with spectacular views. They would be more amazing on a fine day of course! Still though - it was such an experience wandering around the halls, rooms, towers, walls, and up and down the tiny winding staircases.

We had an absolute in our first castle. Such an experience! Even if we were soaked by the time we were done :) Walking on the castle walls and taking in the views from the top was my favourite parts. Imagining what went into building this fortress as you look down on the walls and the layout of the structure - the history, the lives that filled this place...

Once we bundled our wet selves into the car we set off for Liverpool.
To be continued...
L xx


  1. WOW! I am watching Outlander series at the moment and they have castles just like that, to think it is still standing after all this time.

  2. Now that is just such a spectacular sight! That castle is so stunning! And the history that you all were able to take in is just awesome for you and the girls! Look at those amazing smiles in that shot!!! You have inspired me to get cracking with seeing bits that we have never seen before! You are doing such a wonderful thing for your girls by showing them all of this! Happy travels! Nicole xo

  3. Castles are amazing, the ones I visited in Germany always made me think of the people that would have been walking around in such fine clothes! It's hard to imagine such scenes.

  4. I LOVE castles
    I LOVE history
    I LOVE thinking about what has gone on, who has walked before me .. .. ..
    GREAT post I loved seeing this


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