Monday, 4 May 2015


A: What a great weekend we had. You were constantly in awe of everything we saw. Going to the Lego store blew your mind - a giant Olivia!! Listening to all your ideas, new plans, new dreams, all the time - such passion and desire to create constantly. You are also enjoying Dance Club after school - full of moves and twirls to demonstrate on the walk home.

H: You had your first week at school and Loved it! It is wonderful to have you and A at the same school - you love being together. On Friday you arrived home with a certificate for Exceptional Behaviour. You were thrilled to bits and so were we of course. This weekend saw some of your recent fears dispelled/overcome. You were happy to walk over very high bridges and dead keen to go on a ferris wheel - you would not have had a bar of it up to a few months ago.

L: You are absolutely fascinated with Dinosaurs of late. You watched quite transfixed and happily the doco series Walking with Dinosaurs, over a few days - not at all perturbed by the "reality" of it. We're also not sure how it came about but you started calling torpedo's and bomb's "boom-blasters" following a visit to see a recovered U534 submarine. You are so full of beans.

My darlings - you fill my cup.
L xx


  1. Lovely lovely full cup you have!

  2. Yay for having two at school. My son would have been in heaven, should he have visited that Lego shop, he says that when he is a grown up, his house will have a Lego room.

    Have a great week.

  3. Oh that top pic is lovely!!! Great that lil H is all enrolled now at school now and enjoying it :-) That's one cool LEGO creation too!


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