Thursday 21 May 2015

On the Road: Liverpool - Ferry & U534

After Llandudno and Conwy Castle we set off for Liverpool for the next couple of nights. Sunday morning started with a big sleep in and a big breakfast. The place we stayed at offered a complimentary buffet breakfast and the girls went bananas. They packed away so much food and relished choosing treats like coco-pops, bacon, sausages and patries for breakfast!

We decided to take a trip on the Mersey Ferry first. The morning was clearing up and we had a lovely time on the boat, listening to the history commentary and seeing some of the iconic buildings along the waterfront. The ferry stops at a couple of points and we hopped off to see the U-Boat story. The U534 submarine sunk at the end of WWII. In 1993 it was raised up from the seabed and is now on display in four sections. The sections have glass windows that allow you to see the insides of the sub, along with many interactive displays. It has a fascinating history and we had a blast reading, exploring and playing.

Then it was back on the ferry and we hopped off again on the Liverpool side to go and find our lunch venue. We passed iconic buildings such as the Royal Liver Building with a clock-face that is still the largest one in the UK - bigger than Big Ben. The two huge 18foot birds perched on the top facing the water and city - not quite eagles but more like cormorants.  It is one of the "Three Graces" that are distinctive of the Liverpool Waterfront. The Port of Liverpool building is also one of them and simply beautiful.

After lunch we had a small walkabout and visited the Lego store -  a very dangerous place!  Luckily we had a bus to catch ;)

L xx

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  1. Again!! What extraordinary photos Leonie! What a colorful boat in that first shot! I think it is awesome that you all were able to visit these historic places and the girls were able to see these ships! And the lego store...I hear you on that one!! Outstanding all the way around! Happy Friday to you! Nicole xo


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