Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The month of April

April literally started off with our 10-year anniversary. Celebrations are on hold but there were lovely flowers to mark the special day.

We had our first Easter in the UK and had a lovely morning hunting for eggs and rabbit holes. As we started to "see the light" from the flu and other infections we set off and had a lovely day trip seeing some nearby towns. A welcome change of scenery and a beautiful day.

During the second week our shipment arrived from NZ. With the arrival of our goods and a last few items of furniture, we settled into a "more normal" day to day existence. We also discovered Ikea - in a good way :) We now have shelves, cupboards, beds and some couches along with Lego and soft toys for Africa. We have created a playroom for the girls with all their stuff in the "attic" room and they are loving having this nook with all their goodies and books.

There were two weeks of school holidays during April. This gave us time for regrouping and unpacking, some shopping and also meeting a few people. We also went to see Home during the holidays - a movie we all enjoyed and I cannot wait to see it again simply to bawl my eyes out and enjoy all the warm fuzzy feel good moments again.

A lovely afternoon was spent with an ex-blogger from Birmingham, meeting and shopping for a birthday dress for L. A week or so later we celebrated L's 4th Birthday. The Queen of butterflies made the most of her day and loved every moment... after counting down sleeps for what seemed like months! Another week later we celebrated D's birthday - chocolate and wine especially marking his day.

We discovered just how central Birmingham is and decided to start making the most of it. With many places only a couple of hours' drive away we started planning a few short trips. Quite hard to believe and very exciting all at the same time! And definitely a sure sign that we are starting to feel well settled.

A had a wonderful start to school here and it continued once the holidays were over. The recognition and praise she received for her Alice in Wonderland project continues to bring her a lot of joy and pride. Our kindy girl still delights in going and especially in having dinner-lunch. On the two days that she has lunch we get a full report from her on what she devoured. We have started to notice the little changes in her accent creeping in... especially in her expression of a new found love for "coustard" served with some puddings. And H... finally the waiting was over. And just in time! The council was about to insist on having you start at a school further away in the meantime... We were so relieved that the spot came up for you, and you were ecstatic. You beamed from every cell in your body after each day. So happy to be part of school and learning. This has also marked the start of a new normal for me - no children around for a couple of days a week. The silence is quite something and a huge contrast from having at least one of my children around for nearly 5 months... I miss having them about, but we adjust :)

In other happenings A learned to knit and delighted in having, and practicing, this new skill. She also started Dance Club after school which is a great outlet for her. We planted our flower seeds for the fairy gardens, and have also spotted a few foxes on occasion wandering through the backyard. Spring has arrived in full force and the blossoms, daffodils, tulips, green leaves and flowers are everywhere... so pretty! We have become very friendly with one of the cats that pass through and it now comes running for a pat when we step outside. It is quite a character though and loves stalking the birds around here (though never pounces) but did terrorize a frog one afternoon which gave the girls a chance to "rescue" and "touch" it. Hilarity.

Life is certainly moving on in many ways, though the adjustment continues. As long as there are smiles each day, we are winning :)
L xx


  1. so much change... I think of you especially with those quiet days - when they are all small I remember longing for those days but when they come they are not without a tinge of sadness, especially when you are in a new place. xxxx

  2. I am so happy for you guys! Not only are you settling in but your girls are doing so well!!! Their adjustment to their new home is amazing!!! And did you make that cake??? I have a feeling you did...it is awesome friend!!! Such a busy month but a beautiful one indeed!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Woah! A busy time for you all, congratulations on the wedding anniversary and happy birthday to D. You make the best cakes, how stoked does L look with it?! I had to laugh at the image with all your boxes in the drive, I bet you had the neighbours hanging out their windows taking a peek at all the activity in the street that day. H looks so grown up in her uniform, so sweet.

  4. Such a gorgeous post, I'm also loving reading about your trip to Wales xx


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