Sunday 5 October 2014

Why I Write

A couple of months ago lovely Meghan from The Adventures of MnM's tagged me to write about my blogging process.  I haven't forgotten Meghan!  It's just taken a lot longer than I expected to get this far :)  If you haven't stopped in at Meghan's space before, you are in for a treat!  Her photography is breathtaking and her busy and active family always have a million things on the go - what a go-getter bunch they are!  I usually leave her blog feeling inspired and keen to get stuck into a whole lot of life!

Ok so I can rave on some more about how super lovely Meghan is, and how I couldn't quite believe she tagged me, and how back at the blog conference when we met she knew stuff about me and my blog, and how she's just a gem of a gal all round... but you know.. I wont :p

Anyhoos, instead I'll go on about why I keep this space up.

Why do I write?
I've had this space for just over 3 years now.  Not really all that long.  It started out as a space to record the positives in my everyday.  Forcing myself to focus on the little bits of happy, and reporting on it helped me through a particularly dark cycle of depression and vicious spiral of negativity.  It was a space for me, a journal, an aid to betterment.

It has obviously changed a bit since then :)  I am sure it's all a bit happy-happy joy-joy for many people and way too formulaic.  However, it is my happy space.  One where I record the delights of my children, my makes that make me happy and calms my mind and emotions, and music that takes me places and lifts my spirits.

Rarely (and I think there have been 2 or 3 posts out of 450) do I put something out there that isn't sunshine and roses.  It does not mean that my life is one big ball of fluff.  I can assure you, it is anything but.  I just choose not to voice it in this space.  :)

How does my writing process work?
I think we can all agree I am no great writer.  I sit down, tap it out and mostly it feels like I'm having a conversation.

Currently there are 3 posts a week that I try to maintain:  The 52 Project,  the Show and Tell linkup, and a music post for the weekend.  It takes quite a lot of time doing these 3 simple posts a week.  Some days I have a few extra minutes and will process, draft, edit and schedule a few, a couple of weeks in advance...(provided I have the goods of course!).  It does help in the busy weeks where sitting down at the computer just doesn't happen.

I do hope in time I will learn to write more eloquently about things and I also hope my photography skills will improve too!  In the meantime, we live in hope :)

What am I working on?
Cripes, where to start?!  Lots of stuff...perhaps too much really.
- Some testing, some commissions, some Christmas things, and some random stuff on the making front.
- Other than that there is the general day to day we're all familiar with - home, school, kindy and other things, people, and places that require time and help.  And of course my "day" job to help pay the bills.
- Blog-wise... well I am just trying to keep up with the minimum really...  hence why you can count on the same posts each week.  Although I have lots of ideas of other things I want to write about, I cant see it happening anytime soon!

How does my work differ from others in the genre?
Well, really, it doesn't  I think.  There are tons of crafty/family/cooking/baking/random/music blogs out there.  Heaps.  And so many that are much more pretty and clever!  This is just my wee nook to reflect on the things that make me feel good :)

So, nothing really terribly exciting or well-written or in-depth, but this is where it's at for me, for now.   I have met so many lovely people through blogging - seriously.  Some amazing friendships, such inspiring talents and a whole lot of love.  I am so encouraged by other people in blogland and hope that maybe this little space is a tiny bit encouraging in some teeny way to someone else.

Given the time of year and also how long I've taken to get this post up, I'll refrain from nominating people specifically. Instead, if you haven't been tagged before, but would love to share your inner-workings with us, I nominate you!
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you're up to!
L xx


  1. Wonderful post! I feel I know you a bit better. For me your blog is light and uplifting and many times I am transported back to when I was raising my four young-ens! So many smiles and laughs, of course there are the tears and the grumpy days, but you choose not to write about those moments on your blog.

  2. I like that you had such a specific purpose in starting and the fact that your blog is always such a lovely and inspiring place to land. Also I think you are the most encouraging and regular commentor - surely there is an award for that!? xx

  3. I like reading your blog because your authentic and just you. Your not trying to be someone your not, and honestly I haven't had as much time as I would like this year to read and comment but I love your musical taste and you have great creative ideas. Don't sell yourself short my dear ;)

  4. Its nice to know more about why you blog :-) I don't think its wrong to leave a blog as a place where we record the things that make us happy - sharing our sorrows is more intimate in a way, and I personally like to only do that in person with a close friend xx

  5. Dont sell yourself short 😊 your creativity challenges me and inspires me! I always leave your blog with a a skip in my step, thank you! Xx

  6. I agree with Catrien - I love your space, your writing and what you share with us. And, like Meghan, you also inspire me to live life more generously and fully. Really! I could also write often about the flipside of all the good things in life, but I, too, try (most of the time!) to focus on the positive. I'm glad I've found you in this blog world. You're generous in many ways xx

  7. I really enjoyed this post friend as I liked learning more about you!!! I love how you keep your space happy and about the beauty in your life! As there is so much for you to pass along through your makings and your sweet girls! I feel very lucky to have found your space here as I always look forward to coming by to see all of the stunning goodness in your world! And I just want to let you know that I may be taking a bit of a break from my blog as I have been having some health issues and need to take some down stopping by soon friend! Wonderful week to you! Nicole xoxo

  8. Yay Leonie! I had the biggest smile on my face when I read this post while on holiday last week (but couldn't easily comment from my phone!). Firstly thank you for the rather kind words (that gave me warm fuzzies) and it is lovely to hear more about how and why you write. I like that your blog has a pattern and predictability of what gets posted when (it's the structured lass in me!), so I know what I have to look forward to during the week. My blog was like that but it's become a bit more random of late - trying to find the time to post at all has been a bit of a mission! I also love that you focus on the positives - I too could write so much more about the trials and struggles of life but it is so much more uplifting and encouraging not to I think. Also I agree with Miriam that I think you are indeed the most amazing commenter and so encouraging in what you say (there should definitely be an award for it!). Your photography is already so lovely - just look at the beautiful images you've included here. Thank you for this post, it made my heart do a little happy dance xx


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