Monday 13 October 2014

40 & 41/52

L:    Character - you have it in spades. And you are fearless. Whizzing down hills on your little bike, feet in the air using your body to cruise around the corner at speed. Adorable! Your little face is so expressive in your stories and sounds. A detour to the beach one day ended up with you all getting soaked and revelling in getting yourselves covered with the black sand. Such entertainment for all of us :)

A:    After all that struggling and all that trying, no one was quite sure when you'd master bike-riding... then one day a couple of weeks ago you simply got on it and rode! Just like that! With one bike to share and practice on, and the fact that you were alot bigger than the bike now, we got a great "new-old" bike for you. Both you and your sister are thrilled with your "new" bikes, and spent the afternoon washing and cleaning them. It was such a wonderful sight. A visit to Cambridge had you chasing after sheep or standing looking out over them and naming each one. You are such a sweet sweet wee girl.

H:    Oh the freedom of having lots and lots of space to ride. You love "gliding" on your bike now (without pedaling) and spent an entire day practicing how to get going on the bike from any place and any position. Staring out over the sheep into space, lost in thought - and then later you three girls were all but herding them from one end of the paddock to the other in attempt to pat and feed them.  Such delight and hilarity :) I love how you remember songs and lyrics - you hear it once and we will find you singing it to yourself over and over and over again - you do it A LOT at the moment!

Such a lovely school holiday we had! Cant wait for the next one.
L xx

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  1. How'd I miss commenting on this one?! This is just the sweetest and funniest selection of photos ever :-) It gives such a lovely flavour of your holidays xx


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