Wednesday 8 October 2014

Show & Tell: Create

Hi Everyone,

Show & Tell Thursday's

A lovely friend had been admiring a pouch that I take with me everywhere, so I decided to make her a nice roomy pouch for her recent birthday.

Somehow I remembered the free "Create" paper pieced pattern from Make Modern by Kristy @ Quiet Play. I reduced the size by about 80% from memory so it would fit on the side of the pouch. The pieces were rather teeny tiny but still worked out ok!

I love the "denim" look of the fabric which was ironically given to me by the same friend a while back. The lining was some leftover fabric from the Ironing Board Cover Swap last year, and I thought was perfect for this project.

I made most of it up as I went along. Boxed corners are my new favourite thing too - and it has the bonus of some extra maths :p And of course a bit of outline stitching never goes amiss.

The one thing that irks me with pouches is that I can never get the "corners" to be as beautiful as I want them. Teeth to the lining, teeth to the outer... of course some results are better than others but never as perfect as I want them to be... If you have a foolproof tip for zip corners do share!

Overall I was really delighted with it and I know it's being used already! Hoorah!

So, what delights, tips, tricks or makings can you share with us this week?
Hope you're enjoying the school holidays!
L xxx

Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. This is seriously amazing !! Paper piecing scares me and look at you go with your teeny bits !!

  2. Gorgeous! The red really pops against the grey.

  3. Gosh, that must have been rather fiddly in such a tiny size! I love how you have the patience and temperament to take on such lovely details, the end result is so delightful to see. I bet she loves it! Gorgeous. Xx

  4. That looks gorgeous, that create looks so perfect and I love the tiny stab stitches around the edges too - perfect!

  5. I love the paper piecing - sure this will be a well-loved present! I have no idea about zips either - I usually just hold my breath when sewing them!

  6. Oh my goodness that is one funky pouch! I bet it is well loved :) Well done xx

  7. I love this pouch - thank for the CREATE link too, that may be what is needed for the finishing touch to a Christmas present.


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