Monday, 27 October 2014


A:      We came home with bunches of flowers after a lovely visit at friends. You got straight down to creating your fairy garden with little bits of leaves, flowers, marbles, sticks and raisins for food. It was wonderful watching you go about creating this space for your flower fairies. You are a very creative and visual girl. After a quick trip to spotlight with me, your mind started going places and you needed information on fabric design. The minute we got home you created a little book for yourself, titled: My Fabric Designs. You're going to design it and I'm going to make it... that's your plan :)

H:    Once A started with the gardens, you all got involved - picking daisies from the lawn for your fairy garden. You are really into sitting down and writing down words. You love sounding them out and figuring out how to spell and write them - random words, just for fun! And you love doing tums (sums). Such a joy :)

L:    My little lion. Also picking flowers for your fairy garden. This week you have gone dry throughout the night and couldn't be more proud! You are loving being a big girl and delight in telling all of us every morning about the nights achievements. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity


  1. I love it how kids can turn one little idea into a whole new area of interest (fabric design). Also love the idea of a fairy garden - I hope you have some little fairy visitors too! And yay L on going through the night - a great big leap of achievement!

  2. Does it get any cuter than this! I love seeing them so involved in their garden time! Just look at the concentration!!! Pure magic in these shots friend! Wishing you a wonderful week with these sweeties! Nicole xoxo

  3. Love seeing your girls enjoying the simple things in life.....not stuck behind a device!

  4. Oh yes it's all about fairies in this house and flowers flowers flowers . . . . sweet L is growing up so quickly!


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