Thursday, 6 December 2012


This week I am loving lots of things.  A few of them are:

- Awesome Bought Christmas Presents that are arriving and for a short while will be mine to oogle...  Like this fantastic print by Sweet William:

- Handmade presents that are complete... Like these 5 personalised children's placemats:

- It's basically the weekend with fish and chips and also a barbeque are on the cards if the weather holds out for us.  Sooo looking forward to the smells, sitting outside, relaxing.

- Online grocery shopping... I have converted and am not looking back... time, so much time, saved!

- My big girl getting bigger.  Two solo morning school visits this week and she loved it.  Heart swells (sob sniff...)

- 3 Girls creating together - amazing what they come up with! 

Happy Friday Everyone!  Hope it's sunny warm and festive where you are!
L xx

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  1. Love that print and all your craftiness. Your big girl looks so excited! Happy weekend my lovely xx

  2. beautiful print! so cute to see your girls all hanging and being crafty together-must have a good role model i think! have a grand weekend x

  3. That is a gorgeous print indeed - as are the placemats. Hoping that the sun does indeed shine for you all this weekend :-)

  4. The print is gorgeous I love it!! So are your girls - love them too!!!
    Some sunshine for the weekend would be nice after all that rain !!!
    Yeah for finishes .. .. ..

  5. Love that Sweet William print. And LOVED seeing you yesterday and little L (so scrum my!)

  6. You have been busy really liking your handmade gifts. x


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