Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Adventures of Albert the Elf

Our Albert Elf has settled in nicely and is becoming very familiar with his new home.  The girls adore him and love finding him each morning to report back on what he's been up to.

Reading Russell's Christmas Magic and a classic on standby.

The girls woke us up to tell us that Albert stole the tin our of the pantry and ate all the biscuits!!!!  They were torn between celebrating his feat and missing out on the goods!  It was priceless : ) 

Mail from Father Christmas at the North Pole arrived for Albert over the weekend... very special moment for all of us... Thanks Father Christmas... ; )

That night Albert took it upon himself to hang his stocking up on the tree : )

It's been fun coming up with ideas, researching more ideas and seeing what other elves are getting up to!  Mostly the girls' delight in his activities each day is the real treat : )

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L xx


  1. Love it - you guys look like you are having such fun with this x

  2. The elves are just magical aren't they!
    Love this !! !! !!

  3. I'm going to have to get one of these-look like such fun!


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