Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tis the Season ... to Decorate

Like so many others, the morning of the 1st of the December is full of excitement as we get to put up our tree and other little bits!
Our little tree - all 3 girls had fun helping to decorate it!
Lights - so bright and cheery
Our Nativity Set - I am still desperate to make it a proper display area of sorts!
Love our little table tree
And Albert the Elf... climbing to new heights!

Yay for the beginning of the festive season!  Hope it's looking jolly at your place!
L x

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  1. Love Mr Elf and that table tree is beautiful! Can't wait to see you FRRRRIIIDAAAAAY! Yay!

  2. Those Elves of ours - you should have seen Buddy this morning tut tut tut
    Your house is looking super dooper festive and pretty and beautiful and just gorgeously Christmas

  3. Ooh its looking lovely at your place x


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