Monday, 17 December 2012

Adventing Days 12-17

We are loving this swap so very much.  Look at the adorable gifts from Miriam we got to open these last few days!

Day 12:  The most adorable tiny nativity made in Peru...  I had to try very, very hard not to put it in my pocket and carry it around with me all day... just so I could pull it out and look at it all the time...  And now when I walk past it, I have to slow down, take it in and smile : )

Day 13:  I have worn this most days since opening it - Love it to bits and am proud to own a Miriam Handmade creation : )

Day 14:  Cute hairties!  The girls have worn a special new one every day since opening it.

Day 15:  Cookie cutters! The girls needed lots of reassurance that we will definitely be using these... just not right away!

Day 16:  Cute Christmas Cupcake wrappers - baking will be filling these this week!

Day 17:  And today this adorable package.  A nativity story telling glove - we are in love with it!  Seriously - how cute is it?  And the girls are so wrapped with their individual items! Pink butterfly pin for Anya, Orange bead necklace for Heidi and cutesy reindeer hairclips for Liezel.

Only 8 more days to go!
Thanks Miriam - we love it all so very, very much : )
L xx


  1. aww, more beautiful presents, love them all x

  2. so glad you are enjoying it. The necklace I especially made for your little orange lover. The beads are called 'miracle beads' I think because of the way they glow in the light. xxxx

  3. WOW such amazing gifts and more wee positive affirmations/sayings LOVE

  4. Beautiful! I love the notes too!


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