Friday, 28 December 2012

See you next year Albert!

We have enjoyed having Albert stay with us in the weeks leading up to Christmas day.


Christmas Eve Eve - packing his suitcase and getting ready to return to the North Pole.  

Leaving the girls with some Green Christmas milk.
His letter to the girls that they opened and read on Christmas Eve.
The night before... suitcase, stocking and Albert in the tree, ready and waiting for Santa.  Along with his letter and a gift for each of the girls.

As expected there was a bit of sadness over his departure...  Anya has grown especially attached to him but felt a little better and reassured after his promise to return next year in his letter.

Bye bye Albert!  Thanks for coming, we'll miss you!
L xx


  1. Love it:-) Hope he visits you again next year! Enjoy the rest of your christmas break and happy new year!

  2. Hey Alberts handwriting looks a lot like yours *giggle*

    Love the sweet wee suitcase and the decorations for each of the girls so very sweet - poor Anya such a sweet girl xx

  3. cute looks like it was a tonne of fun :o)

  4. I've got to ask! Where did you get him in NZ?
    Been looking everywhere and can't find these elves anywhere would love one for next year.


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