Monday, 10 December 2012

Adventing Days 6-11

With just as much excitement since the start of the month we are still enjoying opening our daily advent gifts.   Miriam has been so thoughtful and each item and quote reflects the attention and care that she put into this.

Day 6:  A CD with some beautiful songs by Miriam's amazing sister Naomi.

Day 7:  Cute and Yummy sprinkles!

Day 8:  Special soap for our special skin

Day 9: Cuteness! Reindeer Noses!

Day 10:  Glittery heart nail polish! Excited!

Day 11:  A notebook for my thoughts... or maybe lists!

Cant believe we're almost halfway through!  Time is FLYING!
If you're curious to see what Miriam's opening at her end, you can read about it here.
Have a happy day!
L xx


  1. You are so sweet and you have taken such lovely photos. I'm glad because I forgot to photograph most of it xx

  2. What gorgeous gifts! You really are one lucky lady! This swap is such a brilliant initiative!! Love it! :) Hazel

  3. Yes I can see why your loving the quotes!!!!!!
    What darling gifts

  4. some brilliant gift ideas there, those reindeer noses are so cute and the glitter polish looks amazing!


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