Tuesday, 2 June 2015


A: This week you lost your first top tooth. After weeks of being terribly loose, we gave it a wee nudge in the right direction. You were ecstatic! Your first tooth out in England! Will the fairy know what to do and where to go? Will she bring NZ$'s or British £'s? Lucky the fairy had a few pennies and didn't forget this time! Tooth loosing tally for you is 3.

H: You are all about football at the moment. You've been running around outside with me and also Dad on the weekend, practicing your ball skills. Now we know you've got a spot in the after school football coaching sessions, we set off and got you some trainers and shin pads - you are so excited about getting kitted out. And you've been counting down the sleeps until school starts back up and then...football!  I cannot wait to see you in action.

L: You are still counting down sleeps until your next birthday... which is over 10 months away... It's been a huge week of resting for you. Life is intense and full on when you are a firecracker of a 4-year old and know your mind as you do.

L xx


  1. love the shaun the sheep! So cool. xxx

  2. Love that she lost her tooth! There is nothing sweeter as my bean has been trying to wiggle her top tooth out for a bit now!! And how sweet is your L up there all cozy and sleeping!! Life is so wonderful! And you capture their moments splendidly!!! A very happy week to you and your family my friend! Nicole xoxo

  3. The beginning of tooth fairy bankruptcy - wait till you get 3 in a week.
    Have a great week,

  4. Losing teeth and not knowing which currency the fairy will bring is a lot of fun.
    Oh wee L you look shattered


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