Sunday, 28 June 2015

On the train: London - Day 2

Sunday morning dawned bright, sunny and beautiful so we decided to go and see the sights first thing. Southbank, Big Ben, the Parliament Buildings, Parliament Square, then on to St James Park and Buckingham Palace.

There was a chartity fun run on around the place and it was packed, so it took a while to get to the front, but we did manage to see a guard changing. The girls especially loved being in front of a real palace, where a real king and queen live!

On the train and off to a scrummy lunch not far from the Natural History Museum.  We had been hanging out to come here.  The girls were terribly excited about the dinosaur skeletons and the mechanical t-rex.  I was terribly excited about the gorgeous building and the amazing details in everything.  Little things like monkey's scaling walls, birds and animals watching from carved hidden corners.  Patterns everywhere.  Such serious eye-candy.  The museum was beautiful, the exhibitions fantastic.  We didn't get to nearly half of what there was to see but gosh it was great!

We decided to make a small detour on the way back to M&M World.   So much chocolate and colour.  L just about lost her mind being the little chocolate nut that she is.  Well worth a visit :)

Another awesome day in the Capital.
L xx


  1. I love being able to travel vicariously through your photos. What a fabulous family outing. M & M world looks rather dangerous!!

  2. Thanks for taking me along on your journey! Lovely old buildings. Holy smoke M&M lollie world looks like a colour explosion!

  3. Oooo very nice trip! Lovely buildings!


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