Tuesday, 9 June 2015


H: You had your first Football Coaching session during the week and had been counting down the sleeps. When we came to collect you afterwards, I was amuzed to see boy after boy coming out of the building and then there you were. The only girl. Not that anyone cares, least of all you. You were so thrilled, got to be captain and had such a great time. When we asked you about it and then if you liked it... your response was "No Mummy, I didn't like it, (exasperated sigh). I LOVED it." Well that settled that then!

A: You are such a sight at the moment. First there was the one tooth out from the week before. Then you and H played "sleep dancing" which resulted in two heads colliding... of which you alone show the signs... in the form of a huge black eye... And then barely less than a week after the last one, the next tooth popped out. Cripes you look like a bit of a wreck! But you are loving your colourful eye, and with the third tooth wiggly now, you are loving the tooth fairy big time. You are motoring through the Rainbow Magic books... the library knows who we are and what we are there to collect every other day. Also you and your sisters have taken to using the word "Fantail" when you talk about liking or not liking (being a fan or not) things. "I'm not really a fantail of such and such". Brings a smile every time.

L: You and the ever present butterfly dress. We are loving our walks to collect your sisters from school in the afternoons. You talk about all sorts of things, non-stop. The screaming though... You have an ear-piercing scream that can shatter glass I'm sure. And it's reappeared lately... much to the amusement of some of the Kindy teachers from the stories they tell me. Hopefully it will be short lived! The other day you got things out of the fridge and stated that the fridge "cooled your brain up". You love our time in the mornings, setting the table for breakfast and getting everything ready while your sisters are still asleep. Love it.

L xx


  1. I'm a fantail of the little stories that go with each picture!

  2. I love that she loves soccer! That was my sport as well and it is just the best for kids!!! She looks adorable in her gear! And your sweetie up there with her black eye! My goodness what a trooper! I am looking forward to having some of that one on one time with my youngest as the other 2 will be in more school next year...although I would like more time in the day to have more one on one time with them all!! Wishing you a glorious season of memory making! Such adorable photos!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Poor A and H! Ha fantail, love it.

  4. She looks like she has been in a fight. Love the fantail - keeps a bit of NZ with you too.

  5. Those shin guards look pretty serious! watch out! yikes that's a pretty good shiner....................Haha.......I like the 'fantail' business..........cute!

  6. That's so cool that you have such an avid little footballer - she'd get on well with my two keen beans. Golly that's a lot of teeth and facial action - hopefully she's all on the mend now. And what a cute wee hand to hold with that gorgeous little face looking up at you xx


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