Sunday, 14 June 2015


A:  We love watching you talk with the gap in your mouth.  The tongue and that big hole are hilarious.  We are still astounded by how much food you pack away.  You easily eat more than Mum and Dad combined!  But in the last 4-5 months we have noticed just how much you've grown too.  The food is definitely filling up those hollow legs, as slightly big/well fitting clothes in January, now look like they belong to your little sisters when you wear it!

H:  The last few days has seen the appearance of your Brummie accent.  It is highly amusing hearing it.  One moment you sound like your kiwi self, the next moment you sound like your new Birmingham self.   We are very conscious of not making a fuss over it, given the various accent-related ordeals Mummy had when first arriving in NZ.  But it is very hard not to smile when the sentences vary in sound and intonations as much as they are.

L:  This week has been dominated by nursery rhymes for you.  Eventually I cottoned on to the one that you were singing almost all week.  Sing a song of sixpence.  You know the long version and can recite it by yourself.  Just gorgeous to watch, especially when "pecked off her nose" on our noses, is swiftly followed up with imaginary "plaster, plaster, plaster"!  Then this morning you started on Tickety Tickety Tock... Such cuteness :)

L xx


  1. Oh my goodness they look so big in this post! And so adorable all playing together! They are lucky girls to have each other as sisters! Love it buddy! Happy week to you!! Nicole xo

  2. Wow they have grown so much!! Gosh your girls are so beautiful.....I love your observations you write about your girls :)


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