Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Four Months in May

May marked our fourth month in England.  And it absolutely flew by - it really feels like a distant memory by now!

The month was kicked off by a bank holiday weekend in Wales and Liverpool for us.  It finished with another bank holiday weekend, this time in London.   We had a great time in both instances - such wonderful experiences and very different.  Also hard to believe it's real!

On the school front the girls had lots on.  Kindy photo's and lots of learning for L, who still loved/s her full days there, her teacher, friends and dinner-lunch.   H and L have continued enjoying school and getting involved.  Both attended Film Club after school one day, which involved a movie, popcorn and treats in the school hall with their mates.  A performed in their year production of Alice in Wonderland to the joy of us all.   Mid term break was during the last week of May which was very timely for 3 little girls.

I managed to meet up with a couple of new people over coffee (arranged by our husbands at work!) and discovered some lovely local parks.  There has been communication with lovelies in NZ and also some Skyping.

Crafting continued during May in the form of an ongoing crochet project.  200 blocks in 2 months.  A few more to go :)

Work for D was full on but good, and he had a work trip to Italy for a few days.  Day to day things were taking on the busy-ness of domestic life with a young family.  Life and living.

L xx


  1. Lovely photos making me a lil nostalgic for London .. .. ..
    Glad to read you are all settling in so well
    Dreams do come true!
    Big loves

  2. Glad you are settling in well, hope you are finding the connections you need too xxx

  3. Yay for coffee dates! I can't believe it's been so long already! I can't wait to see all those crochet blocks all made up! xxx


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