Sunday, 26 April 2015


A: Your first venture as an "animal rescuer". You were so utterly delighted to be able to pick up this poor frog who was being followed about by a neighbourhood cat and release it elsewhere safely. After tentatively touching it, you worked up the courage to pick it up. Your face was just beaming with delight at this feat! Your sisters managed to touch it but holding it was not on the cards! It was such a delight to see you in your element like this - such a tender girl and your love for animals of all kinds is so strong.

H: We finally got round to planting our flower seeks for our fairy gardens. The three of you had very different approaches and visions for how you wanted the flowers to be arranged in their growing process. The week has gone super fast and you have been counting down the sleeps over the last few days as we finally got news of a spot at A's school for you in your year! Hoorah! We were there within minutes to fill out forms and straight to the shop to get a uniform. You have practically packed your back and are super ready to start on Monday! Your patience has now been rewarded for which we're utterly relieved as we would have had to have you start at a different school in the interim if something didn't come up immediately. Phew :)

L: My priceless birthday girl. Twirling around in your birthday dress for your subjects as the self-proclaimed queen of the butterflies. You enjoyed every moment of your special day and shared your moments with you sisters beautifully. You are growing up and maturing in so many ways. As has become the norm with us, you had your first haircut (a trim by mum) now you've turned 4. It has made you look even older still! Your imaginative independent play has also progressed and changed in the last week while and it is funny listening to the conversations between toys and the scenes play out -not to mention the facial expressions that go along with it.


  1. LEONIE!!!! They all look so big in this post!!! And a very happy birthday to your little sweetie up there twirling around!!! I can not wait to see their gardens bloom!! Wishing you all an awesome week! Nicole xoxoxo

  2. Happy Birthday sweet lil girl who is growing up way too fast!
    And A omg you take after your Mum in so many ways!
    So happy H has a school placement
    Big love to you all and a special Happy Birthday to the next person in the family with a birthday ;)


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