Tuesday, 21 April 2015


L:  You have been a talking machine lately - it seriously does not stop.  And it is very entertaining even if what you're saying isn't that terribly funny, the fact you need to comment and talk about Every.Thing.  is!  And you still slay me with some of your pronounciations.  Lately it's been words with a "u", like hug becomes huuuug  with the "u" terribly deep and pronounced.

A:  First week back at school and you were pretty shattered over the weekend.  You really do throw yourself into it!  However Friday saw you coming home with a grin that was permanently stuck to your face for days.  You had won two prizes at school for your holiday homework piece on Alice in Wonderland.  And you got sent to the principals office for it (in a good way!) and got to show off your work to assembly!  You were absolutely buzzing and we were all super proud of you x

H:  After having your sisters around for a couple of weeks you did miss them a bit when they went back to school and kindy.  But we got to hang out again and do our thing.  You love being part of what goes on "behind the scenes" though you are keen to get out and among it.  Soon!

L xxx


  1. Your girls are just so sweet - I love reading about what they're up to. Well done A on the wonderful project! And I hope little H gets her place at school very soon. L sounds like one of our little girls - talking and telling stories constantly...sometimes I have to ask her to stop for a moment to take a breath (both for her and for me!). Hope you're all having a great start to your week there xx (p.s. all is well here! I've been very slow to reply lately, sorry :( )

  2. The black and whites are stunning Leonie! These shots are incredible!!! And how cute that your sweetie is talking so much!! I sometimes think I should just sit somewhere and secretly record these conversations! I hope that you have a lovely week my friend!! Nicole xoxo


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