Wednesday, 15 April 2015


A: Second and final week of school holidays. Another short week with lots happening. The most exciting thing for you though, was learning to knit. You have been so keen to create, keen, keen, keen... Then our stuff arrived and you did not leave your craft box for a second. So I dusted off the knitting cobwebs and low it came back. Ten minutes later you were going for it and now you are working away at it at every opportunity. I was so impressed with how quickly you got it. Though not surprised by your level of dedication! Extremely heartwarming.

H: We are all crossing our fingers that next week you will be able to start school. In the meantime you have relished having your bicycle back and have been biking up a storm trying "new tricks". And going wild with the Lego. And being a great helper. You are a joy to have by my side - always keen to help and very thorough.

L: Watching you three work together... I cant begin to tell you just how much it delights me to see you working away. It really is ridiculous. And more than that just how keen you are little one. There are tantrums if anyone does "your" jobs or there is not much for you to do! There are a few cats that stroll across our backyard and we have built a relationship with one. Patting it keeps you three entertained for long stints at a time - a joy to all of us.

L xx


  1. Yeah for stuff arriving .. .. .. The girls (and you) will be most happy about that
    And YES air pump to neighbouring cats to love - especially your love of animals
    L's description cracked me up !!
    Hope you all are starting to feel a bit better and it looks like you are getting the sun! Enjoy

  2. Got to love friendly neighbourhood cats. My kids are on washing and drying duties now, the dishwasher died (first world problem I know), it is so nice hearing them actually talk to each other while they are doing it though.

  3. Nice you have some cats around. yeah for the crafty ones! learning to knit, look out she will be raiding your fabric stash soon to make quilts!

  4. Another knitter is born!!! Give her a big hug and kiss from me, I am super proud! Xxx


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