Sunday, 12 August 2012


Happy. :)

We are going a little bit mad on Mary Poppins at the moment... The girls keep singing songs from it over and over an over...luckily it is quite infections : )

We're a bit down and out with this nasty bug going around but we'll keep beavering on and have a good week if it's the last thing we do!

Happy Highlights:
Friday:  Just spending most of the day resting with m'girls watching the Olympics and having oodles of cups of tea... Oh and Liezel's version of saying Hot Tea - Inhale on the Hot, Exhale on the Tea - cute!
Saturday:  Whilst lying down, Liezel scooted over sat beside me and started stroking my face and giving me little cuddles... precious : )
Sunday:  Loving Heidi's langauge: One, Phoo, Phee, Pour, Pipe, Six, Sepen... Daddy, where's my Babboon?  Aka a Baloon : )

Have a happy week campers.
L x

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  1. I love your girls language xxx
    We love Mary Poppins tooooooooo
    And blergh to those bugs


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