Monday, 27 August 2012

The week starts here

Gosh time is flies... how on earth did we get to Monday already?

happy happy happy :)

Happy Recap from the last week:
Tuesday:  My big girl's input and absolute delight at her toy cat's new dress.  Such simple little things :)
Wednesday:  Quilting on my machine - a first!
Thursday: Compliments from friends on quilts and cakes.
Friday:  Home-made Peanut Brittle from the Little & Friday book - so good, so bad, soo omnomnomsss...
Saturday: Watching Heidi at a little friend's birthday party - gorgeous, polite, sweet, kind and giving :)
Sunday: Priceless moment between Daddy and Liezel - her watching him with adoration and copying every move right down to the sound-effects.

In other news we all seem to be better for which I am infinitely grateful.  A busy week lies ahead on the work and sewing front, along with all the usual day to day items that are perpetual.  Looking forward to some sunshine and warm and ticking things of the list!

Happy Monday and Happy Week to you all!
L x

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  1. Thursday was a good good day !
    And that quilt is fantastic!!!!
    Go you with your machine quilting xxx


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