Thursday, 9 August 2012

I heart Baking

Cant believe it's Friday already... the week, like most weeks, has just zoomed past...

I've mentioned previously that I've gotten into baking bread recently.  And I am Loving it!
It started with a Sourdough Starter that was given to me, and then for my birthday last month I these...

They are my two new best friends : )

The baking book has a great section on baking bread - all by hand which is great as I dont have a breadmaker - and I have tried a number of different loaves from it: Sourdough, White, Wholemeal, Challah and a Feta and Olive pull apart... They have been Delicious even if I say so myself : )  One of my favourite parts is the kneading... I find it relaxing and therapeutic and most enjoyable : )

Many cookies, this lemon coconut slice and a cake/loaf or two have been attempted from these books too... Yummo... Yay for awesome books!

Other things loved:
Monday:  Liezel saying sorry with a kiss and a hug after hurting one of her sisters.  Warm fuzzies.
Tuesday:  Lemon Coconut slice - described as a mouth-gasm :)
Wednesday:  Heidi's fan club at kindy welcoming and announcing her arrival with pure joy, delight and enthusiasm.
Thursday:  Liezel doing an adorable little dance/twirl with her hands in the air - so gorgeous.

Happy Weekend Eve Everyone!
L x


  1. I'm not a fan of coconut, but that slice looks heavenly!

  2. yay for baking ! me too love baking! but im nesting too :)

  3. Oh so much to love right here...your bread looks so professional, and love the moments you have captured of your girls :-)

  4. sweet, sweet little ones and I love the look of your bread. It is amazing eating homemade bread. :o) happy weekend sweet lady

  5. WOW! Your bread looks amazing and so professional (I've never tried baking my own loaf like that - so have very poor expectations of what a loaf baked by me would look like - I'm really not very active in the kitchen!).

    Those slices too - yum!

  6. The baking was well received thank you xxx

  7. Bread by hand...impressive ...we have a bread maker to do all that hard kneading. x


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