Sunday, 5 August 2012

Monday Monday...

It's Monday... Time for some weekly inspiration...

Be happy

Happy Mail: From Linda at Sew Pretty for leaving a comment on her blog! Yummy colours!

And Happy Reflection:
Tuesday:  Delicious coffee at a favourite cafe with a scrumptious friend.
Wednesday:  I've just started baking bread - another successful attempt and deliciously warm fresh home-baked bread...
Thursday:  Making and enjoying a positive change.
Friday:  My husband arriving home after 3 weeks travelling overseas for work.
Saturday:  Enjoying family moments playing together and watching the olympics.
Sunday:  A fun family outing to the SkyTowerand around Wynyard Quarter.

Have a happy week!
L x

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  1. A beautifully gorgeous week
    Thank you so so so much for coming yesterday xxx


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