Thursday, 16 August 2012

One + One = Two

I love my postie - even when he brings me bills he makes sure he also brings me some happy mail... :)

I received these two delights from Kelli in the mail last week - yay!

Thanks Kelli, we love them!
Not many more blocks to go before Round 2 and 3 are complete and I can then get working on bringing them together for a quilt for Anya.

Other stuff to smile about:
Monday:  a visit to the doctor proved we were full off flu viruses, infections and pneumonia... however Liezel was strutting around after observing the doc, pulling up her shirt or yanking at her singlet so that he could listen to her chest - so so cute.  And when he checked her throat she even did a "ahhh" : )
Tuesday:  My two big girls playing together almost all day without incident - a loving special bond and relationship that fills my heart with joy.
Wednesday:  Walking into Liezel's room first thing to discover she has managed to strip off her merino bag and pyjamas and was trying to work her way out of her singlet... what a sight : )

Happy Friday Eve Everyone!
L x


  1. Happy Mail xxx
    This week I loved visiting you and seeing homemade bread being made and watching two little girls play so happily together xxx

  2. Oh your poor things.... we have had it all here too, I've been coughing so much my ribs feel like they are about to break... looking forward to spring :) I have loved catching up on your blog and reading about your bread making ( Well done, so rewarding ) and all the lovely little sayings from your girls. And your explanation of hot tea, is perfect... yes I said it out loud to myself to understand it! lol

  3. Baking pics are so yum! And so glad the blocks made it to you. xo Have enjoyed catching up on your blog. Love how you post happy little morsels from each day at the end of your posts. :o)


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