Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nothing in particular...

It's been a funny old time lately, always so much going on, and the to do list is never-ending... Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...
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In all honestly this flu has hit really hard and is sucking the life outta me. I am however super grateful that the rest of the household are improving ... though it's a bit hard to remember specific happy incidents over the last few days... I must start writing down or posting more often...

But I can assure you there were many: baking sticky pecan buns, little dancing girls, Liezel wearing her hair proudly in a little fountain/ponytail on top of her head, great progress on my first quilt, an uber cute toddler with many adorable moments, big sisters looking after the little ones in their own different ways, discovering that the "mummy" guinea pig is going to be a mummy soonish by the look of her, and a few other things.

Ok lovelies - I'm off to tend to my duties.  First up - sewing a dress for a stuffed toy cat... : )
L x


  1. Yip it truly puts a dampener on things. Hopefully for your sake you are nearing the end :) x

  2. sending you lots of warm healing hugs xx


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