Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Zoo!

Today's Highlight:
- Visiting and having a great time at the Zoo!

We finally ventured out the our beloved Zoo this morning after a 3-4 month hiatus... I'm sure most of the people and animals probably thought "Well well well... Look what the cat cheetah dragged in..." considering we used to go at least once a week for about 4-5 months!  That was until I couldn't walk with the pregnancy anymore and then I wasn't pregnant but had a newborn!

It was quite the mission getting there and set up though - I have managed to avoid getting the buggy out with 3 girls in tow but this wasn't a possibility today.  You think one kid takes long, until you have two.  Then you think getting them sorted takes long...Until you have three...  It often feels like I'm herding cats!

We loved every minute of it and with the girls aunt and coussie along for the outing it made for a great morning.  With lovely sunshine too!  I'm rather shocked at just how much even I missed going!  Or maybe I just missed seeing how much the girls love it there…  And it was Liezel's first visit to the Zoo which I'm sure she'll remember :P

On a different note:
-         I have been blogging for a week!
-         Anya only took 10 minutes to eat her Wheetbix this morning

Goals for July:
Book: A Mother’s Heart as seen here
Project: To make a new highchair seat cover

Sleep tight

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